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Celebrating the Lunar New Year

This winter vacation saw 35 undergraduates, 168 graduates, and 69 international students remain on the campuses of Nanjing Normal University for the Chinese Lunar New Year. As the Spring Festival was approaching, NNU Party Secretary Minqiang Hu, President Guoxiang Chen, Vice President Jiusheng Li, Deputy Party Secretary Hongbo Shang, and Xinwei Cui, a member of the Standing Committee of the NNU Party Committee and Director of the Propaganda Department Committee, respectively visited and gave new year blessings to students staying at the university during the break and front-line staff remaining at their posts.  

On February 11, Min Qiang Hu, Guoxiang Chen, Hongbo Shang, and Xinwei Cui visited students who were staying at the school and the remaining front-line staff on the Xianlin campus. In the International Student Dormitory in the south area of the Xianlin campus, Minqiang Hu and his entourage cordially wished the international students a safe and peaceful Spring Festival and brought them well-prepared gift packs, enabling them the feel the festive atmosphere of the new year. Then, they went to the School of Geography’s Faculty-Student Spring Festival Party to visit those graduate students and supervisors who were still fighting on the front line of scientific research, and cordial exchanges were conducted to celebrate the new year. Hongbo Shang and his entourage visited those on-duty staff at the power distribution room in the western district of the Xianlin campus while specific requirements for logistical support during the winter holiday were put forward.

Great concern was expressed for the students and staff in the new north district of Xianlin campus from Minqiang Hu, Hongbo Shang, Xinwei Cui, and their entourage. Upon learning that a graduate student from the School of Law was undergoing treatment and recovery due to sudden deafness, Minqiang Hu and his entourage showed their sympathy for his current situation and asked about his needs during his stay at the university, encouraging him to build confidence and stay positive for recovery.    


Later, Min Qiang Hu, Guoxiang Chen, Hongbo Shang, Xinwei Cui, and their entourage went to the Undergraduate Student Party held at the Student Canteen in the new north district of the Xianlin campus. They expressed sincere concern to those undergraduates and canteen staff. On behalf of the NNU Party Committee and administration, Minqiang Hu and Guoxiang Chen brought Spring Festival gift packs and “lucky money” to students staying at the university for the new year. NNU leaders showed concern about their study and living conditions during the break and joined them to make dumplings. Students from different schools and majors gave wonderful artistic performances, presenting a warm, unforgettable, and meaningful gathering.    


To ensure the smooth operation of the school during the winter break, on February 9, President Guoxiang Chen and Vice President Jiusheng Li went to the Xianlin campus and Suiyuan campus respectively to conduct workplace inspections and visits. On the Xianlin campus, Guoxiang Chen visited the front-line security guards and inspected the laboratories of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science and the School of Life Sciences where he communicated with the supervisors and graduate students engaged in scientific research. On the Suiyuan campus, Jiusheng Li visited the security and logistics staff, checked the environmental sanitation and disinfection records of the canteen, and visited some graduate students and international students who remained on campus during the holidays.  

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