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Hold traditional handbag making activities

In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of our female faculty and staff, let female international students experience the beauty of traditional Chinese culture, and strengthen cross-cultural exchanges and communication. On the afternoon of March 12th, our school carried out a traditional handbag-making activity in Room 302 of Building 8, and 18 female teachers and international students participated in the activity.


The event invited Director Zhu Yuhua of the Provincial Broadcasting and Television Headquarters to provide on-site guidance for everyone. Director Zhu gave a detailed explanation of the history and culture of the gold bag, the selection of fabrics and the preparation of tools, and the basic stitching methods of production. He personally demonstrated the production steps and one by one. Perform hand-to-hand pointing. Under the teacher's careful guidance, no matter whether you have never touched needlework, or have some basic sewing skills, you can twist the needle and thread all the way. The table cloth is carefully stitched, and the left and right jabs are easy to do. The hand is slender, and the classic elegance of Chinese traditional culture is sewn in laughter and laughter.


In the activities, female international students frequently exchange opinions with everyone, observe each other, keep creative, and the atmosphere is harmonious and joyful. "Everyone has its own beauty, the beauty of the beauty, the beauty of the same, the world is in harmony" was put forward by the famous sociologist Fei Xiaotong, and it is called the "sixteen-character maxim" for dealing with the relationship between different cultures. Our school hopes to inspire foreign students' perception and love of Chinese culture in a subtle way, so that the cultures of all countries can change from "beautiful in each" to "beautiful in common". The international students said that this activity was very good and very interesting. They felt the beauty and learned the traditional Chinese cultural skills.


After nearly two and a half hours of meticulous production, a traditional handbag with exquisite workmanship and pleasing to the eye is presented to everyone. In this handbag-making activity, everyone not only experienced the joy and interest of hands-on creation, experienced the spirit of craftsmanship, but also learned a traditional Chinese handicraft.


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