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NNU Club Expo 2020

On October 13, 2020, the NNU Club Fair was held again for the recruitment of new members.


For the convenience of NNU students, the Club Council of NNU extended the duration of the Club Fair and required clubs to set booths on different parts of the campus. In 2020, the Club Fair lasted for four days, and many new clubs have taken part in it.


In 2020, many scientific clubs brought out their instruments, Astronomy Club stuck out because of its large telescope. At their booth, a member introduced their daily activities to interested students in detail. Self-made postcards of celestial body images were given to new members, of which images are astronomical phenomena observed and shot by club members through specific tools.


Moreover, the members designed a game. Interested students are shown a postcard, and through the telescope with an amplified factor of 70 times, they can see an identical postcard on the wall of a building far away.


This year, art clubs have become a focal point during the fair. A booth with two traditional Chinese opera costumes hangs on its plaque, which also is decorated with some props, like a sword and a spear. This is the Guangyu Chinese Opera Club.

In 2020, the Guangyu Chinese Opera Club has allured many freshmen to sign up, Huimin Gao, the club leader said, “As of now, we have 30 new students registered, but we hope we can recruit at least 60 new members this year.”


When asked about what they have prepared for the new members she said, “We have professional teachers and skilled senior students to help them study the basic skills of opera.


For example, the club tutor will divide them into different kind of opera groups and teach them one extract of classic opera.,” then she added, “At the end of this semester, we will have a show that many opera lovers will attend and our new members will also be able to see it.” 

Another art club, Nan Guo (Southern China) Drama Club also shows the charm of art without borders. Foreign students who are fond of dramas can join it and perform on the stage too. The club has produced many high-quality plays such as Nightmare of Red Mansions, Lolita, To Solaris, and so on. As is introduced by Menyi Yunhan, one member of the club, new club members can get numerous opportunities to live theatres, masterclasses, and workshops. Each semester, the club holds public performances, reading salons, and acting lessons. This year, Nan Guo Drama Club will provide a free performance of Miss Godot’s Lonely Hearts Club to the freshmen. Miss Godot’s Lonely Hearts Club combines the elements of crosstalk, talk show, and rock music,  attempting to innovate new forms of drama originally.


Besides art clubs, in 2020 NNU has newly established many sports clubs, and Table Tennis Club is one of them. Table tennis, known as ping-pong in China, is China's national sport. A member of the Table Tennis Club introduced the club. "Our training sessions are on Fridays at the sports center and we welcome players of all levels." 


Apart from the many ball sports clubs, a new running club founded last year also set up a booth at the club fair. The club has methodical arrangements, despite its short period of establishment. The objective of the Running Club is to help improve student's general health and fitness by providing customized workout schedules for each member.


"We also co-host the yearly NNU Marathon with the Jiangsu University Marathon League," one club member said.

Associations that care for public interest were present at the Club Fair as well. For example, Meihuaxingzong Cat Tracing Association. It's a cat protection club that cares about the many stray cats on the campus. Kexin Wu, a member of this club said, “We give a name to each cat we find on our university’s campus, and make a detailed report about them. This is our daily activity.”


They also run four self-service charity stalls on the Xianlin Campus, which sell dolls, cat food, and green plants, and all the profits are used for cat protection. Wu said, “Last year, we sterilized all the cats we found on campus. Many of the stray cats have also been adopted by cat lovers with our help.” 

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