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"Ye Shengtao Scholarship" Award Ceremony Held

On June 4th, the 2020 "Ye Shengtao Scholarship" Award Ceremony of Nanjing Normal University was held on Xianlin Campus. Ben Guodong, a member of the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee, Director of the Organization Department, and Minister of the United Front Work Department, attended the ceremony, and the heads of the Academic Affairs Office and related colleges attended the event.


The award ceremony was presided over by Sun Maohua, Deputy Director of the Office of Academic Affairs. Li Li, Director of the Office of Student Affairs, announced the list of winners. Ben Guodong, Member of the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee, Director of the Organization Department, and Director of the United Front Work Department, presented awards to the winners.


Afterward, the participating teachers had in-depth exchanges with the award-winning students. The 10 students who won this award are all graduating normal students. Among them, 9 students will further study for a master's degree, and one student will go directly to work. At the symposium, the students reviewed their four-year study and growth experienced in the university and proposed that teacher training should integrate the promotion of teacher ethics, subject literacy, and strengthening of the skills learning of teacher students. They said that they will promote noble teacher ethics in the future and strive to be the "four haves." Good teacher", make his due contribution to the country's education. The teachers attending the meeting gave speeches one by one, encouraging the students to hold on to the ideals of education in the future study, further study and work process, to learn from Mr. Ye Shengtao’s gentle, frugal and respectful personality and spirit of humility and education, and to inherit the glorious tradition of Nanning Normal University. Develop yourself, lay a more solid foundation for the future career of teachers, and strive to grow into a people's educator in the new era in the future.


The "Ye Shengtao Scholarship" is a scholarship funded by People's Education Press and established by the China Teacher Development Foundation. It is specially used to reward outstanding undergraduate students in the full-time normal school majors of the National Normal University, and encourage them to teach for a long time and life after they become teachers. Cultivate more outstanding talents for the country and nation. The "Ye Shengtao Scholarship" was established in our school in 2015. 10-16 students are selected every year, and each person is awarded 3,000 yuan.


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