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1. On-campus accommodation

International students can apply to live in the international student dormitory on the Gulou campus (Xiyuan Hotel) or live in the international student dormitory on the Xianlin campus (students studying on the Xianlin campus live in Xianlin campus in principle).


Note! Nanjing University includes two campuses, Gulou and Xianlin. The Gulou campus is located in the center of Nanjing; the Xianlin campus is about 20 kilometers away from the Gulou campus by subway.


2. Off-campus accommodation

International students can live off-campus, but they must go through registration procedures at the police station where they live within 24 hours as required.


Note! It is necessary to ensure that the entire renting procedure is complete, legal, and reliable. That is: it is necessary to ensure that the source of housing information is reliable, the leasing procedures are complete and legal, and the leasing permit must be filed at the local police station, and the renter must also go to the local police station to declare a temporary account.


3. Information update

Many students' addresses and contact information will change during the study period. In this case, please be sure to notify the International Student Affairs Office of the new address, telephone number, and e-mail information so that the International Student Affairs Office can keep in touch with you frequently, notify important matters in time, and provide timely assistance when encountering difficulties and problems. Regarding the contact information, the International Student Affairs Office will keep it confidential for you.


4. Facilities and Services of the International Student Dormitory

Facilities: Air-conditioning, Internet, 24- hour hot water


Service: Laundry


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