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Cloud summer camp opens


To promote interaction among the outstanding students the college will enhance students' understanding and awareness of the Overseas Education College of Nanjing University, graduate school to further optimize the selection methods, July 8 to 9, Nanjing University Overseas Education College held an " In 2020, National Outstanding College Students Cloud Summer Camp", 38 outstanding college students from more than ten key universities across the country gathered together to start a two- day exchange, learning and discussion activity.


Cloud Summer Camp-1


On the morning of July 8, the opening ceremony of the summer camp was grandly held in conference room 601 of Zengxianzi Building, Gulou Campus. Feng Weibo, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University Overseas Education College, Zhao Wenshu, Dean of Nanjing University Overseas Education College, Cao Liqian, Deputy Secretary of Overseas Education Sports Party Committee, Cao Xianwen, Deputy Dean of Overseas Education College, Zhang Quanzhen, Director of the Department of Chinese Language Education, Chen Zhihong, Deputy Director of the Department of Chinese International Education The teacher attended the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, Dean Zhao Wenxue gave a speech for the summer camp. He hoped that the students would have a deep understanding of the current professional status and future development prospects of Chinese international education in the summer camp, and would send his sincere blessings to the outstanding college students watching in the cloud. , Received warm applause from the students.


After the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhang Quanzhen gave you a detailed introduction to the professional courses, teachers, and other basic information of the Master of Chinese International Education, and introduced the general situation of the college from the aspects of teaching and research, platform construction, and discipline planning. Later, Dean Cao Xianwen brought vivid and detailed professional lectures to the students from the perspectives of the current situation of Chinese teaching from an international perspective. The students expressed that they benefited a lot; the summer camp also invited Professor Zhou Tongke to learn from philology and linguistics. Angle brings you a unique lecture on the "Dragon Boat Festival", allowing students to "learn about culture with words" and have an "intimate contact" with words. After listening to several professional lectures, the students said that they not only mastered a lot of professional knowledge but also had a more thorough understanding of Chinese International Education.


On the afternoon of July 8th and the morning of 9th, the students participated in the important part of the summer camp one-on-one interviews in an orderly manner on the cloud. Everyone actively performed and showed the good looks of outstanding college students. Afterward, Mr. Zheng Qian led everyone to conduct a "Discussion and Exchange Conference on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language". Everyone collided and discussed actively. During the exchange, they discussed their own ideas about teaching, raised doubts, shared their experience, and gained not only Many real cases also have a deeper understanding of Chinese teaching.


Cloud Summer Camp-2


Cloud Summer Camp-3


The campers also staged a wonderful party in the cloud and performed their own specialties: Zhou Xuejing from Peking University brought a unique classical Guzheng display, and Zhang Qin from Sichuan University also brought it Here comes the display of calligraphy and French paintings... Showcasing traditional Chinese culture, martial arts, ancient poetry recitation, Suzhou Pingtan, paper-cutting, Dai dance, Su embroidery, Guqin, etc. take turns on stage, international and modern recitations, ukulele singing, piano, etc. All kinds of programs are also dizzying, which can be described as versatile and amazing.


Cloud Summer Camp-4


Cloud Summer Camp-5


On July 9th, the two-day event was coming to an end. Everyone gathered in Zeng Xianzi 601 conference room to carry out the closing ceremony. Cao Liqian, deputy secretary of the Haijiao Sports Party Committee, and Cao Xianwen, deputy dean of Overseas Education College, attended the scene. Dean Cao expressed his expectations and blessings to the summer campers, hoping that every student can persevere with their dreams, and the campers also expressed their gratitude and experience, looking forward to entering Nanjing University for further study. So far, the "2020 National Summer Camp for Outstanding College Students" activities of the Overseas Education College of Nanjing University have come to a successful conclusion!


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