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Hold the talent competition of Hanshu


In order to invigorate campus culture and enrich the students' extracurricular life, the Overseas Education College of Nanjing University successfully held the "Confucius Institute Cup" 5th Hanshu Talent Competition on the afternoon of December 16 at 101 Zeng Xianzi Building. This competition is tailor-made by the Department of Chinese International Education for graduate students and encourages students to show their talents and pass on happiness. Feng Weibo, Secretary of the Haijiao Sports Party Committee of Nanjing University, Cao Liqian, Deputy Secretary of the Haijiao Sports Party Committee, Shu Yu, Director of the Office of Overseas Education College, Zhang Quanzhen, Director of the Department of Chinese Language Education, Deputy Directors Chen Zhihong, Professor Chen Xiaoyan, Bao Huan, and Teachers Chen Xiaoyan and Zheng Qian from the Graduate Office The teacher attended this competition and served as a judge. The audience was packed, with thunderous applause from time to time.


Hanshu Talent Competition-1


Hanshu Talent Competition-2


After the host’s opening remarks, the competition kicked off with a melodious song "Chun Hua Qiu Yue". Offline Chinese students and online overseas students from Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, Armenia and other countries have demonstrated their talents through art forms such as songs, sketches, dances, handicrafts, and paintings. The combination of Peking opera singing with round characters shows the unique charm of Chinese opera; the full and passionate poetry recitation takes us to revisit the classics, which is moving; the guzheng playing like the mountains and flowing water is like an ethereal sound, bringing us back to the ancient times; more beautiful The dancing posture, the moving singing, the dexterous handwork, and the exquisite paintings drew applause. After intense voting and scoring, the result of the award was settled. Brought by Tanya and Bai Ling, "Three Cultures into One" combines Armenian traditional musical instruments with recitations, and shows us the diversity of world culture. It won the first prize of this competition with the highest score and was on the scene. The audience voted for the most creative award; in addition, the witty and humorous sketch "The Strategy of the Ocean Academy" won the most popular award, and the passionate dance "uptown funk" won the most typhoon award.


group photo


The competition came to a successful conclusion in laughter and laughter, successfully demonstrating the youthful outlook and positive energy of our graduate students. The students also forged a deeper friendship while competing. Finally, Secretary Feng Weibo made a summary speech for this competition, fully affirmed the wonderful performance of the students, and put forward expectations for everyone. I hope that everyone will continue to work hard in the future, keep moving forward, and go better and better in the future.


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