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Hold a video conference


January 15, our school and educational and cultural mission at the European Union in a video conference, on EU cooperation in education, work, and other foreign students exchange. The meeting was presided over by Che Weimin, Minister Counselor of the Education and Culture Office of the Mission to the European Union. Wang Zhenlin, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the School, Li Xiaorong, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Zhao Wenshu, Dean of the Overseas Education College, and Zhu Xiaoyi, Vice Dean of the School The main person in charge of the joint dual degree program of the University of Göttingen in Germany attended the meeting.


On behalf of the school, Wang Zhenlin expressed his gratitude to the Cultural Affairs Office of the Mission for the concern and support of our school’s international affairs. Taking the Sino-American Cultural Research Center and the Sino-German Law Institute as examples, he reviewed the opening process of international cooperation at Nantah and introduced the scale and structure of our school’s international students. And give a key introduction to the "International Cooperation Breakthrough Year". According to the newly released "Nanjing University Global Open Development Strategy", the school will focus on promoting Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, focusing on the establishment of two international joint colleges, "Sino-German Law School" and "Nanhe College"; our school will also implement a system for international student work Institutional reform, speed up the construction of the "Study in Nanda" brand specialty, based on a new starting point, develop high-level education in China for study abroad. He stated that NTU will take the expansion of cooperation with Europe as an important direction in the process of actively responding to national strategies such as accelerating and expanding the opening up of education in the new era. Cooperation level.


Che Weimin introduced the responsibilities of the mission to the European Union and the work of the Educational and Cultural Office, the funding cooperation between China and the EU in studying in China, the strategic plan for our school to carry out Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools with top European universities, and the importance of telling the Chinese story in the education of studying in China The practice was fully affirmed, expressing the hope that the Mission’s Office of Education and Culture could play a role in attracting high-level international students to Nantah and deepening the cooperation between Nantah and EU universities.


exchange meeting


At the meeting, our school gave a special introduction to representative cooperation projects with high-level European universities. Li Xiaorong explained the dual degree program at the doctoral level between Nantah University and the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, and the cooperation with the University of Turin in Italy on the platform of the Sino-Italian Cultural Research Center. The relevant persons in charge of the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Law, and the School of Business briefly described me. The development process of the joint training of dual degree programs between the school and the University of Göttingen’s "Sino-German Cross-Cultural Germanism", "Chinese Law and Legal Comparison", and "Business Management -Global Business" master's degree program.


The two parties also reached a consensus on pragmatic cooperation in the "European Window" Chinese Government Scholarship Program and "Telling China's Story" theme activities.


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