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Undergraduate professional application guide


Application Notes

1. The undergraduate professional education system of Nanjing University is 4 years;


2. The language of instruction for undergraduate majors at Nanjing University is Chinese, and applicants must have a minimum score of 180 in the new HSK Level 5 ;


3. Applicants must be over 18 years old, have a high school diploma or above, have good grades, are in good health, and are not a Chinese citizen;


4. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of China:

For residents of Mainland China (Mainland), Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan who apply as foreign students after immigrating to foreign countries, they should hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate before April 30, 2017, and have a canceled Chinese nationality Proof, and there is a record of actual residence abroad for more than 2 years from April 30, 2017, to the deadline for registration (the actual residence abroad for 9 months in a year can be counted as one year).

For applicants whose parents are both Chinese citizens and settled in a foreign country and have foreign nationality at birth, their application for undergraduate study as an international student in a Chinese institution of higher learning from 2021, in addition to meeting the corresponding application qualifications of the university, You should also hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for more than 4 years (inclusive), and have a record of actual residence in a foreign country for more than 2 years within the last 4 years (until April 30, 2021) (actually in a year Foreign residents living for 9 months can be counted as one year, subject to entry and exit signatures).


5. For freshmen who have been admitted, our school will conduct regular inspections before entering the school. If it is found that applicants who still hold Chinese household registration and have not canceled or notified the school, our school has the right to invalidate the applicant’s admission qualifications, and The right to refuse to apply for visa residency and other procedures.   


Application time     

2021 Nian February 25 to May 31  

(Page application will be open at 00:00 on February 25, at 00:00 on June 1 closed)


How to apply    

Log in to the online registration system for international students of Nanjing University, fill in the application form, upload the required application materials, and submit it after completion. No paper materials to be mailed, only accept online applications.


Application process

After applying, please be sure to check the station letter and application status in the application system regularly, and complete each step of the operation in strict accordance with the school’s information prompts. Failure to check the notice in time will delay the follow-up process, and the applicant is responsible for it.


1. Initial review

After the applicant submits the online application (excluding Chinese public holidays, natural disasters, and other force majeure factors), the preliminary review information will be received in about 1 to 3 working days (after the preliminary review is passed, the system will prompt to pay the application fee);


2. Review

After passing the preliminary examination, the preliminary examination department will consolidate the applicant's materials and send them to each department for department review in batches;


3. Department audit

The time for reviewing the materials is different for each department. The fastest is 5 working days and the slowest is 30 working days. Applicants must check the application status regularly to avoid delay in follow-up operations;


4. Admitted / Not Admitted

Regardless of whether they are admitted or not, they will be notified in the system. When the applicant receives the message of being accepted, it means that your application has been completed. No action is required below, and the notification letter and other materials are waiting for you;


5. Admission notice

According to the regulations of the superior authority, our school needs to complete other tasks after completing the student enrollment work. Therefore, Nanjing University will issue notices and other related materials within 5-10 working days after all work is completed. (Affected by the global new crown epidemic, only countries that have opened student visas and China will use express mail, and other countries will temporarily use e-mail mail)


6. Preparation for admission

Under normal circumstances, the admitted person should present the admission notice and JW202 form to the Embassy (Consulate) of the People’s Republic of China to apply for a study ( X ) visa in China; the admitted person must bring the "Nanjing University Admission Notice for Foreign Students", JW202 Form and "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" Description: Human cell inspection logs .doc Nanjing University foreign originals (the table is valid only for six months, and after China must apply for a residence permit documents, you need to take time to arrange a medical examination, after entering medical requirements see Description: Medical check-up instructions for immigrants.pdf, go to Nanjing University Overseas Education College to register for admission according to the specified time.


Enrollment in September 2021 may continue to be affected by the global new crown epidemic. For enrollment and other matters, please refer to the latest notice of Nanjing University;


Please keep in touch with the school!


The materials that need to be submitted online are as follows:

(1) "Nanjing University Application Form for International Students"


(2) Scanned copy of ordinary passport

Applicants in mainland China also need to provide scanned copies of all valid visa pages or residence permit pages;


(3) Scanned copy of full-time high school graduation certificate

The Chinese or English version needs to be stamped with the official seal of the school, and the non-Chinese or English version needs to provide an official translation notarized in Chinese or English; fresh graduates can first provide the original pre-graduation certificate issued by their school, and supplement the official documents after enrollment;


(4) Scanned copy of transcripts of all courses in the three years of high school

The Chinese or English version needs to be stamped with the school's official seal, and the non-Chinese or English version needs to provide a notarized official translation in Chinese or English;


(5) A scanned copy of the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Certificate ( or a screenshot of the HSK results webpage, and official documents will be provided after admission )

Except for Chinese language majors, all majors should reach level 5 with a score of 180 ( inclusive ) or more;

Chinese language majors must have a score of 180 points or more at level 4, and the third-year Chinese language major must have a score of 210 points ( inclusive ) at level 5 ;

Students who graduated from the Chinese Independent Middle School and passed the unified examination of the Malaysian Independent Chinese Middle School must provide the UEC certificate, if there is no HSK certificate, it may not be provided;


(6) At least 1 letter of recommendation (must be original in Chinese or English)


(7) Personal statement and study plan ( must be in Chinese, no less than 800 words )


(8) Other materials:

Students applying for English majors must provide a transcript with an IELTS score of 5.5 ( inclusive ) or above or a TOEFL score of 70 ( inclusive ) or above; (TOEFL score Nanjing University acceptance code: C288   )       

Students applying for architecture majors need to provide works related to the major they apply for ( at least 1 copy ) ;


Fill in professional tips:

Fill in the major   

You can fill in the first and second volunteer majors at one time, and choose whether to obey the adjustment. The applicant’s application materials will be sent to the department of the first volunteer major for review in the order of filling in the volunteers. If admitted, the admission process will be followed; if not admitted, the department will be returned to the primary review department and enter the second volunteer major. The department will be re-examined. If it is still not admitted, it will be returned to the preliminary examination department again, and the preliminary examination department will make adjustments. Currently, the adjusted department major is temporarily defaulted: Overseas Education College - Chinese International Education Major / Chinese Language Major. If the applicant chooses not to agree to the transfer when filling in, and the second choice is not accepted, the preliminary review department will treat it as rejected/failed.  


Written interview   

At present, only the relevant majors of the College of Foreign Languages and Overseas Education Colleges require written examinations or interviews, and other majors are subject to a material review system.


Cost(RMB )    

Tuition: ( paid after admission ) 21,000 yuan/year for liberal arts majors; 24,000 yuan/year for science and business majors;

Software College professional 32, 000 yuan/year; the professional medical school 42, 000 yuan/year.   

Application fee: 500 yuan ( paid at the time of application, non-refundable )

Insurance fee: 400 yuan / semester ( paid after enrollment )


Dorm room: The school has foreign student apartments of different specifications and conditions

For accommodation issues, please consult carolinechen or call 86-25-83593616

21 International Student Dormitory, Xianlin Campus 86-25-89681093


Contact us     

Overseas Education College of Nanjing University    

Mailing address: Zeng Xianzi Building, 18 Jinyin Street, Gulou District, Nanjing, China    

Postal Code: 210008

Undergraduate Admissions: Teacher Qian 0086-025-83593586 /  

Finance: Teacher Zhou 0086-025-83593597 / 1049111237@q

Visa: Teacher Zhu 0086-025-83592473 /

Accommodation: Teacher Chen 0086-025-83593616 / carolinechen

Educational Affairs: (each department) Teacher Zhao 0086-025-83593616 / zhaomj@nju.e

(Overseas Education College) Teacher Li 0086-025-83598996/


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