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School leaders visit staff on duty

When the love is warm and cold, caring comforts people's hearts. February 11 is the Lunar New Year's Eve. On the occasion of resigning from the old and welcoming the new, there are still many faculty and staff staying at their jobs. In the morning of the same day, the assistant principal Lu Guibin led a team to cordially condolences to the faculty and staff who stayed on the front line during the Spring Festival, extended holiday greetings to them, and sent the school’s cordial care and New Year blessings. The heads of the Party and Government Offices, Security Offices, Hospitals, Logistics Centers, and other units accompanied them to express their visits.





Lu Guilin and his entourage came to the security office, the school hospital, the flavor canteen, the second phase of the research and development student apartment, and other places to visit the staff on duty and the volunteers of the Lanshan Pioneer Commando. Wherever they went, the school leaders shook hands with the staff on duty who were sticking to their posts and greeted them one by one. They asked everyone about their living conditions during the holiday period and learned about the work arrangements on duty. We sincerely thank the comrades for their hard work. Everyone's selfless dedication has provided strong support for the school's safety and harmony and service guarantee, ensuring that the faculty and staff spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival. The school leaders also sent the most sincere blessings to the comrades, wishing everyone auspicious, healthy, and happy family in the Year of the Ox!



The staff on duty expressed their deep gratitude to the leaders for their cordial care and New Year greetings. They said that they will fulfill their tasks during the Spring Festival with due diligence and meticulous meticulousness, and make themselves for the whole school's teachers and students to have a happy and happy Spring Festival. Contribution.


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