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Welcome international students

International Education College welcomes overseas study center students on March 8, It's still warm and cold, The morning breeze blowsJiangyin is a beautiful city in the south of the Yangtze River. There are waves of enthusiastic steps in the spring breeze-Students from the University of Auckland and the University of Technology Sydney Overseas Study Centre went well completed the registration at the Jiangyin campus of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, started a new journey in the Year of the Ox.



Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, tens of thousands of Chinese students have been stranded in China due to international travel, and their schoolwork has been blocked. To better help the students to complete their studies smoothly, the School of International Education, led by the University of Auckland and the University of Technology Sydney, established the "World Famous School Overseas Study Center (OLC)" on the Jiangyin campus of Southern Technology University to provide students with concentrated learning. The space, academic and curriculum support, and a variety of campus activities, etc., allow students to persist in "studying in the cloud" overseas professional study during the epidemic period, but also to experience the campus life of a top domestic university.



School leaders attach great importance to this project. Zhang Jun, the school’s party committee secretary, pointed out when inspecting the work of the Jiangyin campus in the new semester that teachers of the Southern University of Technology are welcome to actively participate in the teaching process of the Overseas Learning Center project, learn more from experience and experience, and learn about foreign universities. The teaching model of the school lays a solid foundation for the first step in promoting the construction of a world-class university in the school and achieving the goal of running a century-old school.




At present, 480 overseas study center students have settled in the Jiangyin campus to study and live. This semester, our school will have a teaching team composed of more than ten professors covering science, engineering, business, and other subjects to participate in teaching.




Today, when the epidemic prevention and control are getting better and the normal teaching order is fully restored, the International Education College of Nanjing University of Science and Technology fully implements the general requirements of Lide Shuren, continues to carry out all-round cooperation with overseas first-class universities, expands cooperation areas, advances cooperation depth, and shares High-quality educational resources to train young talents with international vision.


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