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Exchange activities were organized

On the afternoon of May 22, as the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, our school’s International Cooperation and Exchange Office, International Education College, Public Foreign Language Teaching Department, and other units jointly organized an exchange activity with the theme of "Chinese Cultural Journey". The theme of this event is "Dragon Boat Festival Love, Thousand Miles of Rice Dumplings", including "Traceability of Dragon Boat Festival Culture", "Taste of Dragon Boat Festival Fragrant Rice Dumplings", "Traditional Chinese and Foreign Festival Customs Exchange" and "Epidemic Sachet Making Experience". Vice President Sun Zhiguang and more than 40 Chinese and foreign teachers and students from our school participated in the event, and Chen Juan, Director of the Student Service Office of the National Education Institute, presided over the event.


The Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional festival in the daily life of Chinese people, and it was first recorded in the Western Jin Dynasty. In the link of "Tracing the Dragon Boat Festival Culture", everyone learned that the Dragon Boat Festival has been called "Iris Festival" since the Han Dynasty in China, and it is related to exorcising evil spirits and praying for peace and health. Eating zongzi and dragon boat races have always been considered the most important ceremonies, and people will also put calamus and mugwort leaves on the door to express their good wishes for the health of their families.



(Thematic link display)


In the context of this global epidemic, the unique curative effect of Chinese medicine has been particularly highlighted. Yuan Xiaolin, the Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute, described her excitement as a visiting scholar when she received the "Chinese Medicine Protection Package" abroad based on her own personal experience. She said that the experience of being able to receive the special gift of traditional Chinese medicine from the motherland in a distant foreign land is indeed unforgettable for a lifetime.


While allowing foreign students to experience the historical and cultural atmosphere of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, it also allows Chinese students to appreciate the fun of foreign festivals, to form interaction and exchanges between the two sides, which is an important content of this event. This purpose is embodied in the old saying "The beauty of harmonious soup lies in harmony and difference." Teacher Wang Danyang from the National Education Institute and Teacher Zhang Xiaowen from the Public Foreign Language Teaching Department respectively introduced the knowledge of the Dragon Boat Festival in China and the Summer Solstice Festival in Western countries, allowing the teachers and students present to appreciate the unique charm of different cultures and let them experience To the vitality brought by the convergence.


The small sachet contains university questions. Professor Zhou Junbing from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the School of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine taught the knowledge of sachets in Chinese medicine and led everyone to make their own health sachets. This is not only a meaningful challenge for many foreign students but also one of the few experiences for Professor Zhou to teach foreign disciples how to make sachets.



(Chinese and foreign teachers and students talked about anti-epidemic in Chinese medicine)


Vice President Hu Leehom personally visited the event site and had a cordial conversation with Ukrainian master student Peter. He learned that Peter will graduate in June this year. He eagerly urged the students to bring Chinese culture and Chinese medicine culture back to Ukraine for the benefit of the people of his country.


Vice President Sun Zhiguang participated in the event throughout. He said that to support overseas Chinese in fighting the epidemic, our school actively responded to the call of Jiangsu Province to carry out "Heart-to-heart connection, overcome difficulties together-Jiangsu Overseas Chinese Love Assistance Action", and cooperate with overseas Chinese. Partners such as the Medical Center, Confucius Institutes, and Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools actively mobilize overseas alumni to "distribute a health package", "make good use of a platform for overseas Chinese", "open a hotline for overseas Chinese", and "set up a publicity window." Actively publicize major national and Jiangsu-related decisions and deployments, support and support friendly countries and regions in fighting the epidemic, and reflect the care and care of the provincial party committee, the provincial government, and the people in their hometowns in the assistance actions. He highly praised the active role of Chinese medicine in the global fight against the epidemic and the far-reaching impact it has brought and hoped that international students can deepen their experience and awareness of traditional Chinese culture through this activity and become publicity. Bridge and messenger of Chinese culture.


Students from Ukraine, Nigeria, India, Australia, and other countries said that they are very happy to have the opportunity to participate in such cultural activities to celebrate traditional Chinese festivals in the school. China has an ancient history and the achievements of Chinese medicine are very remarkable! This event was also very interesting, allowing them to learn a lot of practical knowledge and they were deeply impressed. Their country also has similar festivals, where people pray for safety and health for their loved ones. This is the common value pursuit and goal of our human beings.




This event is the first lecture of the "Wenxing Lecture Hall" of our school. It aims to create a platform for exchanges and sharing. Teachers and students from different countries and different cultural backgrounds can have fun and talk in the Wenxing Lecture Hall to allow diverse cultures. Merging and converging, allowing brilliant thoughts to agitate and communicate, so that the unique charm and rich heritage of multiple civilizations bloom here. The National Education Institute plans to continue to rely on the platform of "Wenxing Lecture Hall" in the next time to hold colorful activities including cultural forums on traditional Chinese medicine, multilateral academic conferences, and reading clubs to further enhance the teachers and students of our school. International vision and cultural literacy.

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