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The undergraduate program of electrical engineering and automation

Project introduction

This project was formally approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004 (Jiaowai Zonghan [2004] No. 63). The approval number is MOE11GB2A20041000N. It is a Sino-foreign cooperative education project at the undergraduate level of electrical engineering and automation.


Introduction of foreign partners

Established in 1796, the University of Slyclyde is located in the center of Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. It has a rich history of teaching and innovation and is a top international university of science and technology. The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Slyclyde is one of the largest electrical and electronic engineering schools in the UK. Its research institute works closely with major industries, companies, and government agencies in the UK and the world, and has several world-class research and experimental bases, including Europe’s first research center dedicated to the development of smart grid technology, and a government-funded Ph.D. in wind energy Research center and future power grid and smart grid research center, etc.

The University of Manchester in the UK is one of the eight most famous universities in the world with the highest ranking among British universities. It is among the top 50 universities in the world. It ranks first among the six famous “red brick universities” in the UK. It is also a founding member of the “Ivy League” Russell Group For one, 25 Nobel Prize winners have ever walked out. The academic level of the engineering and technology disciplines of the University of Manchester is among the best in the UK. Its scientific research has always been closely connected with engineering practice. It has established the Oxford Instruments VG semiconductor molecular beam epitaxy equipment platform, the National Grid High Voltage Research Center, and the electromagnetic field in cooperation with internationally renowned technology companies. Compatibility Center (with a millimeter-wave laboratory sponsored by Agilent Technologies) and Rolls-Royce University Technology Center (UTC) for Rolls-Royce research and innovation technology, etc.


Recruiting majors and scale

Major: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Major Code: 080601H.

Enrolled 120 people (the Beijing campus and the Baoding campus each enrolls 60 people), independent classes.


Enrollment methods and admission requirements

Students who participate in the 2021 general college admissions national examination and are admitted by our school (the subjects of the college entrance examination must include physics) can participate in this project class by voluntarily registering and passing the selection examination organized by our school. Students admitted to majors in Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools are not allowed to transfer to majors other than Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools.


Recruitment time and selection examination

After receiving the admission notice, please log on to the website of the School of International Education of North China Electric Power University and make an online forecast as required. According to the notice on the website, the on-site registration confirmation will be carried out when the journal is opened. The project selection test is planned to be held within one to two weeks after the beginning of the school year. The test subjects are mathematics, physics, English written test, and comprehensive interview. Please pay attention to the relevant notices on the website of the International Education Institute in time for specific information about the selection examination.


North China Electric Power University (Beijing)


The school system and training methods

This program is an academic year, full-time teaching, 4 years of schooling, using "2+2" (2 years of study at North China Electric Power University International Education College and 2 years of study at a foreign partner university) or 4 years of study all at North China Electric Power University The way the International Education Institute is completed. This project vigorously introduces high-quality foreign educational resources, provides overseas study conditions, and strives to cultivate high-level compound talents with advanced knowledge, strong professional strength, innovative ideas, and international perspectives. The teaching team is composed of high-level teachers from Chinese and foreign partner universities. The Chinese teachers are academic backbones with rich experience in professional fields and have overseas study experience. At the same time, famous scholars from foreign universities are introduced to teach students in the project class in English.


Degree award

Students participating in this program, after studying at North China Electric Power University for 2 years, if the credits and English proficiency meet the admission requirements of the foreign partner university, they can go to the foreign partner university for exchange and study after personal application and on-campus selection. After completing the required teaching links at the universities of both sides and completing 4 years of studies in total, those who have passed various assessments and passed the results can obtain a bachelor's degree in engineering from a foreign university and an undergraduate diploma in "Electrical Engineering and Automation" from North China Electric Power University And a bachelor's degree certificate (double bachelor's degree). The relevant procedures and fees for studying abroad, tuition fees, and living expenses during the study period in foreign universities shall be borne by the students themselves. Students who choose not to study abroad will receive a bachelor's degree and a bachelor's degree in "Electrical Engineering and Automation" majoring in "Electrical Engineering and Automation" from North China Electric Power University after completing 4 years of studies at North China Electric Power University.


Employment prospects

More than 95% of the overseas students of this program continue to study for masters and doctorates abroad after graduation, including Cambridge University, Imperial College London, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan and Aachen University of Technology in Germany, etc.; undergraduate graduates choose employment Most of the students are employed by large state-owned enterprises or large multinational companies in the power industry. The project is continuously delivering research and compound international talents who master international advanced energy and power technologies and concepts for China's energy and power industry.


Charging standards

1. Chinese tuition: RMB 70,000 per academic year. Chinese accommodation and other fees: refer to the relevant regulations of the school.

2. Foreign partner university tuition: charged according to the British standard, the University of Slyclyde tuition fee is 21,850 pounds/academic year (about 200,000 yuan/academic year, for reference only, depending on the actual foreign standard); University of Manchester tuition fee 25,000 GBP/academic year (approximately 220,000 RMB/academic year, for reference only, depending on the actual foreign standards). Foreign accommodation and other fees: refer to the relevant regulations of the foreign school.

3. Scholarships: The project provides generous scholarships. Students at the University of Slyclyde can get a 15% tuition waiver, and students at the University of Manchester can get a 10% tuition waiver.

4. During the study period at a foreign partner university, North China Electric Power University will no longer charge tuition and accommodation fees.


Contact information for consultation on Sino-foreign cooperative education projects

For more details, please visit the website of North China Electric Power University School of International Education and the Undergraduate Admissions Information Network of North China Electric Power University.

Website of International Education College of North China Electric Power University:

Beijing campus:, Baoding campus:

North China Electric Power University Undergraduate Admissions Information Network:

School of International Education, North China Electric Power University

Beijing campus

Phone: 010-61772207 010-61772142

Consultation time: 8:30-11:00, 14:00-16:00


Baoding Campus

Phone: 0312-7522348 0312-7522207

Consultation time: 8:30-11:00, 15:00-17:00



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