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Carry out study seminar

On the afternoon of April 19, centering on the theme of "The History of the Party in the New Democratic Revolution Period", the Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group of the International Education Institute launched a special study and seminar on party history learning and education.

Ning Wenyu, the leader of the school's second tour guidance group, Hou Buchan, the liaison member, and Niu Yingjie, the group member, attended the meeting. Xu Lingling, secretary of the party committee of the college, presided over the study seminar.




Xu Lingling first combined the "Party History Study and Education Work Plan of the International Education College", focusing on the school's party history study and education arrangements.

The college will start from the period of the new democratic revolution, the period of socialist revolution and construction, and the period of reform and opening up and socialist modernization.

And the four stages of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to carry out key learning. In the form of learning, key learning, expert learning, live learning, and mutual promotion is organically combined to continuously improve the quality of learning.

Xu Lingling emphasized that it is necessary to do a good job in the implementation of the work of party history study and education, adhere to the important exposition spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the study of party history as the guide, and draw the wisdom and strength of advancement from the party's great struggle for a century.

To promote the high-quality development of the college career.

In the discussion and exchange session, Xu Lingling, Qi Zheng, Wei Junqiang, Zhao Zijian, and Qi Jianjun respectively conducted key exchanges based on their experience and experience in studying party history during the New Democratic Revolution.

Everyone agreed that our party united and led the Chinese people in a 28-year bloody battle to defeat Japanese imperialism, overthrow the Kuomintang’s reactionary rule, complete the new democratic revolution, and establish the People’s Republic of China.

The significance of this great historical contribution is to completely end the history of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal society of old China, to completely end the situation of scattered sand in old China.

And to completely abolish the unequal treaties imposed on China by the great powers and all the privileges of imperialism in China.

China has made a great leap from feudal autocracy for thousands of years to people's democracy. After the seminar and exchange, all members of the center group watched the video guidance report on party history.

Ning Wenyu, the leader of the school's second tour guidance group, after listening to the whole process of the discussion, exchanged ideas with everyone on the school's learning arrangements and party history learning and education and conducted guidance.

Ning Wenyu pointed out that the School of International Education attaches great importance to this study and seminar, with adequate preparation and proper arrangements.

It is necessary to improve political positions, strengthen political responsibility, earnestly study and understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Party History Study and Education Mobilization Conference, and fully implement all requirements.

It is necessary to grasp the key points of learning and education, do a good job in a special study, grass-roots research.

"I do practical things for the masses" practical activities, focus on the problems of teachers and students "emergency, worry, and hope", closely integrate the study and education of party history with the various work of the college, and effectively integrate The effect of learning and education is transformed into the actual effect of promoting reform and development.


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