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Before the end of the epidemic, by the school's overall deployment and unified arrangements, online education for international students at home and abroad has been steadily implemented. At the beginning of the new year, the international students ushered in their first lesson of the new semester.


At 8 a.m. on March 1, Dean Jin Quanyuan of the International Education College and his entourage walked into the student dormitory of Jiangjun Road campus to visit the international students who are studying online to learn about their study and living conditions.



Minas from Ethiopia is studying the course "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (English)" in the dormitory. When Jin Quanyuan asked him how he felt about online lessons, the students said that after more than a year of online lessons, they have become completely accustomed to them. They can listen to and watch the teacher's explanations repeatedly. You can also communicate with the teacher on the WeChat group if you don't understand. He said: "Study this way is very efficient."




Oscar students from Equatorial Guinea were also in class at the same time. When Deputy Dean Li Yong asked him for any suggestions for the teacher’s course, he expressed his gratitude to the teacher for carefully preparing the course, and hoped that the teacher can post on the online platform. More learning videos and materials. While focusing on learning, Deputy Dean Chen Feng also reminded students that the current epidemic prevention and control situation is still normal. Students must always be cautious, cherish the current anti-epidemic results, comply with health protection requirements, and actively cooperate with the school’s measures. Various prevention and control measures.


The new semester kicked off, and all the staff of the National Education Institute continues to fight on the front line of the epidemic, go all out to protect the safety of students, and ensure the smooth development of online learning for students.

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