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The spring semester of 2021 starts smoothly

On February 28th, with the close cooperation of Tianmuhu Campus Management Committee, International Education College, International Cooperation Department, Informationization Department, and other departments, the spring semester students from the Overseas Study Center of Tianmuhu Campus of our school were successfully admitted to the journal and the work was completed. In this period, the Overseas Study Center on Tianmu Lake Campus of our school welcomed more than 200 undergraduate and master students from the University of Technology Sydney, the University of Western Australia, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.








The admission and daily management of the students of the Overseas Study Center are undertaken by the International Education Institute. To ensure the smooth completion of the registration work, the leadership team of the International Education College attaches great importance to it and works together to make various preparations in advance. In terms of implementing various epidemic prevention and control policies, the Overseas Study Center strictly follows the unified deployment of the school, requiring all students to submit applications for returning to school in advance, and complete the review of relevant materials one by one. After entering the school, students will go to the designated place in the school as required to participate in the nucleic acid test organized by the school. After completing the relevant enrollment process, students expressed their love for the new campus environment in a variety of ways. Youthful, the future can be expected! In the new semester, students will definitely have new gains in the beautiful Tianmu Lake campus of China Southern Airlines


The impact of the global epidemic is continuing. Under the background that our school has successfully launched the first overseas study center project with the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, and the University of Western Australia, the spring semester of 2021 attracted RMIT University of Australia to join the China Southern Airlines Overseas Study Center. extended family. Through the cooperation of overseas study centers, our school will further deepen the long-term cooperation with overseas universities, while continuously providing students with high-quality offline online learning platforms, promote the development of the school’s international education, exchanges, and cooperation, and improve the internationalization of the school. Competence and international influence.

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