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Hold a meeting on Chinese Teaching

On the morning of March 10th, our school held a working conference on Chinese teaching for international students in meeting room 250 of the Xuegong Building on Jiangjun Road Campus. The meeting discussed and researched the courses of Chinese as a foreign language, class mode, HSK training courses, and series of Chinese activities offered this semester. Dean Gimcheon yuan, Li Yong, vice president, office director Liu Jing teaching and Chinese language teachers participated in the meeting.


Liu Jing introduced the overall situation of Chinese teaching this semester, emphasized that Chinese teaching should be of high standards and strict requirements, and put forward new requirements for teaching methods, teaching modes, and comprehensively improve the listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities of international students.




Chinese teachers exchanged the difficulties and problems in Chinese teaching, the measures to be taken, and solutions; arranged arrangements for HSK training, and clarified the training content, requirements, and goals.



Li Yong put forward overall requirements for Chinese teaching this semester, emphasizing quality first, innovating teaching models, and stimulating students' motivation and enthusiasm for learning and communication. Suggestions for HSK training courses: optimize training programs to achieve practical results; innovate training models and methods to improve training quality; make good use of network tools to improve training efficiency.


Finally, Jin Quanyuan pointed out that Chinese teaching is an important part of talent training for international students, and it is necessary to continuously improve the level of Chinese teaching and promote the quality of talent training. Chinese teachers are required to concentrate on studying, study hard, work hard, and earnestly attend every class, improve the Chinese level of foreign students, and promote the steady development of Chinese teaching.

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