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The sixth round of school inspection has been completed

According to the unified deployment and arrangement of the school’s party committee on the inspection work in 2021, starting from April 8, the sixth round of the three inspection teams of our school have successively completed the inspection of the Party Committee of the School of Applied Technology, the Party Branch of the School of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, and the School of Artificial Intelligence. Six second-level party organizations including the Party Committee, the General Party Branch of Longshan Academy, the Party Committee of the School of Chemistry and Materials, and the fourth batch of units of the Party Committee of the Organization, etc. have been stationed in inspections. The inspected party organizations respectively held inspection work mobilization meetings, and each inspection team leader made a mobilization speech to request good inspection work. The main person in charge of the inspected party organization made a statement.


The leaders of the inspection teams pointed out that inspections are an extension of inspection work to the grassroots level and a strategic institutional arrangement for supervision within the party. The inspection work must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, follow the general requirements of party building in the new era, and closely focus on the work requirements of the "four implementations", and implement "discover problems, form a deterrent, promote reform, and promote development." ”Work policy, unswervingly deepen political inspections, create a clean political ecology and a good education environment, to make a good start and start for the school’s high-quality career development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and build first-class high-quality Level universities provide strong political guarantees. The party organization being inspected should attach great importance to it, dare to face the problem directly, consciously accept supervision, and effectively unify its thoughts and actions to the deployment requirements of the central, provincial, and school party committees, and jointly carry out the inspection work in depth.


The principals of the inspected party organizations stated that they will consciously unify their thinking to the school party committee's deployment requirements with a high sense of political responsibility, actively cooperate with the inspection work, take care of the rectification of problems, and ensure that the inspection work is carried out smoothly and achieves practical results.


According to work arrangements, the stationing time for this round of inspections is about 10 days. By the inspection requirements and procedures, each inspection team issued an inspection announcement when they were stationed, and set up special telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and suggestion boxes to extensively listen to the opinions of the teachers and students of the inspected party organization.


Before the inspection was stationed, the inspection work office of the school party committee held an inspection work exchange meeting and invited some members who participated in the first five rounds of inspection work to refine and improve the "Nanjing University of Information Technology School Inspection and Supervision Key List"; carefully organized business training and Work coordination. The heads of the school’s Disciplinary Committee, Organization Department, Audit Office, and Finance Office briefed each inspection team on the situation of the units being inspected.


Inspect the Party committee mobilization meeting of Applied Technology College


Patrol mobilization meeting of general Party branch of College of hydrology and Water Resources Engineering important-news-two Mobilization meeting for the fourth batch of units of the Party committee of the inspection organ

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