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Confucius Institute Scholarship

To meet the international community’s increasing demand for Chinese language education talents, promote the development of Chinese language education around the world, and help the growth of international Chinese language education talents, the Ministry of Education’s Sino-foreign Language Exchange Cooperation Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) has established an international Chinese teacher scholarship (hereinafter referred to as the Center) Referred to as scholarship), focusing on training qualified overseas Chinese teachers. Confucius Institutes, independently established Confucius Classrooms, some Chinese test sites, relevant foreign educational institutions, Chinese teachers majors in universities /Chinese departments, relevant foreign Chinese teaching industry organizations, Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad, etc. (hereinafter referred to as recommended institutions) Excellent students and in-service Chinese teachers can be recommended to Chinese universities (hereinafter referred to as host colleges) to study and further study Chinese international education and related majors.

Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, as one of the host universities, welcomes students from all over the world to apply for this scholarship to study in our school.


(1) Objects of funding

1 . Non-Chinese nationals.

2 . Physical and mental health, good character, and learning.

3 . Aspiring to engage in Chinese education, teaching, and related work related to Chinese international promotion.

4 . Age is 16-35 years old (unified on September 1, 2021 ). In-service Chinese teachers are relaxed to 45 years old, and applicants for undergraduate scholarships are generally under 25 years old.


(2) Scholarship funding content

The scholarship for international Chinese teachers includes tuition, accommodation, living expenses (except for four-week study students), and comprehensive medical insurance. The standard of living expenses for undergraduates, one-year and one-semester research students is 2500 RMB / month; the master's degree in Chinese International Education is 3000 RMB / month.


(3) Types of scholarships and application requirements

1. Master of Chinese International Education

Enrollment in September 2021, the funding period is 2 years. Have a bachelor's degree. A minimum score of 210 in HSK (Level 5) and 60 in HSKK (Intermediate) are required in the Chinese test. Those who provide a work agreement or relevant certification for the teaching institution to be taught after graduation is preferred.


2. Bachelor of Chinese International Education

Enrollment in September 2021, the funding period is 4 years. Have a high school diploma. A minimum score of 210 in the HSK test (Level 4) and a score of 60 in the HSKK (Intermediate) test are required.


3. One-year trainee

Enrollment in September 2021, the funding period is 11 months. International students in China will not be admitted.


3 . 1 Chinese International Education

Have a score of 270 in the HSK test (Level 3) and an HSKK test score.


3 . 2 Chinese languages and literature, Chinese history, Chinese philosophy

A minimum score of 180 in HSK (Level 4) and 60 in HSKK (Intermediate) in the Chinese test.


3 . 3 Chinese Language Training

With a score of 210 in the HSK test (Level 3), those who provide HSKK scores are preferred.


4 . One-semester trainee

Chinese International Education, Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, Chinese Philosophy

In September 2021, March 2022 enrollment, funding for a period of five months. Those who have X1 or X2 visas in their passports are not admitted. A minimum score of 180 in the HSK test (Level 3) and an HSKK test score.


5 . Four weeks trainee

Enrollment in July or December 2021, the funding period is 4 weeks. Those who have X1 or X2 visas in their passports are not admitted.


5 . 1 Chinese language + Chinese family experience

Have HSK scores. The recommending institution organizes a group for registration, and contacts the receiving institution in advance to determine the study plan in China, and submit it to the center for approval in advance. Each group has 10-15 people.


5 . 2 Confucius Institute special four-week student

Have HSK scores. The registration is organized by the Confucius Institute, with 10-15 people per group.


(4) Application materials

1 . Scanned copy of passport photo page.

2 . Scanned copy of HSK and HSKK score reports (valid for two years).

3 . Recommendation letter from the person in charge of the recommending agency.

4 . Provide the highest degree certificate (certificate of expected graduation) and school transcripts.

5 . The Master of Chinese Language Education must provide two recommendation letters from supervisors with the title of associate professor or above.

6 . Serving Chinese teachers must attach the on-the-job certificate and recommendation letter issued by the institution where they are employed.

7 . Applicants under the age of 18 must submit a certificate of entrustment signed by their guardian in China.

8. A copy of the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form". Applicants should strictly follow the requirements of the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" for inspection. The "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" with missing items, no photo of the person posted, or no seal on the photo, and no signature and seal of the physician or hospital, is invalid. The inspection results are valid for 6 months.

9 . Applicants must also provide other certification materials required by Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology.


(5) Handling process

From March 1, 2021, applicants can log on to the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship Application Website

( Http:// )

Apply for scholarships for international Chinese teachers.

Log in to the scholarship website to inquire about recommending institutions and receiving institutions; submit application materials online, pay attention to the application process, review opinions and scholarship review results; scholarship recipients and receiving institutions confirm the procedures for studying in China, and print the award certificate online; press the receiving institution Enter the journal at the time specified in the school admission notice.

The deadline for application is (subject to Beijing time):

1 . April 15 ( students enrolled in July for four weeks).

2 . May 15 ( September admission for master's degree, undergraduate degree, one-year or one-semester research students).

3 . September 15 ( students enrolled in December for four weeks).

4 . November 15 (Semester one-semester trainee enrolled in March 2022).

The center entrusts an expert group to conduct centralized evaluation: according to HSK and HSKK test scores and levels, taking into account factors such as country, the scholarship evaluation will be completed and the evaluation results will be announced about 3 months before enrollment.

Failure to register on time, failure to pass the entrance examination, dropout in the middle of school, suspension of scholarship, cancellation of scholarship qualifications.


(6) About the Chinese Bridge winners

Those who have won the 2021 "International Chinese Teacher Scholarship Certificate" in various Chinese Bridge competitions, log on to the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship website and submit application materials to the target receiving institution with the scholarship certificate.

If you have any questions, please contact:


(7) Contact information

Contact Information of Nanjing University of Information Technology:

Admissions Office, School of International Education, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

Address: No. 219, Ningliu Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, 210044

Phone: 0086-25-58731383

Fax: 0086-25-58699856



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