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The first Huawei experimental class was established


On the afternoon of May 14, our school held the opening ceremony of the world's first Huawei experimental class for data communication. Our school and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. will jointly give full play to their advantages, integrate high-quality resources, explore a dual integration model of production, education, science, and education, rely on our school's first-class majors in communications engineering, and cultivate top-notch talents in data communications such as 5G communications and industrial Internet.


Liu Shaowei, President of Huawei Data Communication Research and Development, Li Jinlei, Vice President of Huawei Jiangsu Government and Enterprise, Li Beiqun, President of our school, and Deng Zhiliang, Vice President of our school attended the opening ceremony. Relevant department heads, mentor representatives, and all students of the 2020 Huawei experimental class attended the meeting. The ceremony was presided over by Vice President Deng Zhiliang.


In his speech, Liu Shaowei introduced the business overview of Huawei, the demand for talents in the data communication industry, and the training director of the experimental class. He said that data communication is one of Huawei's core businesses. Huawei has a huge demand for related talents, but the lack of direct counterparts has led to a low degree of talent adaptation. This time, in cooperation with Nanxin University, the world's first Huawei experimental class for data communications is established, hoping to select and train outstanding talents urgently needed by the country and industry, and build a benchmark for the integration of production, education, science, and education across the country.


 "Although there is only one-word difference between data communication and digital communication, they cover a broader field of science. The cooperation and joint establishment of the data communication direction Huawei experimental class is a school that conforms to the wave of the information technology revolution moves the talent training tentacles forward and promotes disciplines. An important measure for continuous development." Principal Li Beiqun said. The Huawei experimental class is to train new engineering talents who are at the forefront of science and technology in the world and serve the major needs of the country. The school will provide strong support in terms of mentor guidance, educational resource allocation, and diversified model training. He also proposed to the students in the Huawei experimental class There are three hopes: one is to have family and country feelings and not to be an "exquisite egoist"; the second is to constantly pursue excellence, with long-term ideals and a big picture in mind; third, to achieve personalized growth, learn what to do, and learn to gain, Learning fulfilled its wish.


At the meeting, Zhang Zhizhong, Dean of the School of Electronics and Information Engineering, introduced the relevant situation of Huawei's experimental class. Wang Ximing spoke on behalf of the first students. Li Beiqun issued a letter of appointment to the mentor representative and the headteacher.


It is understood that after many rounds of discussions between the school and the enterprise, the education and teaching quality guarantee system for top-notch students in Huawei’s experimental class has been established, and the curriculum system with industry characteristics and high-quality requirements has been improved. The innovative training model of "Dual Teacher Guidance + Integration of Production and Education", "Science and Innovation + Internship on Post", and "Competition Driven + Selection of the Best Promotion" has been formed. The students of the first Huawei experimental class are selected from the top 10% of the top 10% of the weighted average of the science and engineering majors in the 2020 level. After independent registration, qualification review, and interview assessment, they are finally selected from more than 150 outstanding applicants 30 top-notch students come from 7 colleges including electronics and information engineering, automation, atmospheric physics, and ocean sciences. The selection of 2021 students will take the form of comprehensive admission in two forms: the college entrance examination volunteer filling and the school selection and selection.


Speech by Liu Shaowei


Li Beiqun's speech


Offer letter of appointment


Opening ceremony scene

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