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The leader led the team to visit the training center


On May 12, the principal Li Beiqun led a team to visit the Ministry of Commerce International Business Officials Training Institute (Ministry of Commerce Training Center) to promote the deepening of cooperation in foreign aid training. The deputy school Changjiang Zhihong was accompanied by the head of the International Education Institute (WMO Regional Training Center) and the Development Planning Division. Sun Zhonghe, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of the Institute of Research and Training met with the school and his party. Vice Dean Chen Runyun, the head of the Foreign Aid Training Project Management Division I and the Foreign Aid Training Liaison Office attended.


Li Beiqun introduced the school's achievements in recent years, especially in the field of international schooling. He said that with the long-term support of the Training Center of the Ministry of Commerce, the school has actively undertaken various foreign aid training projects, with continuous improvement of training capabilities, continuous demonstration of training results, and continuous expansion of the international influence of the school. It is hoped to further deepen school-college cooperation, expand training subject areas and the number of training projects, build an online training teaching platform, and jointly build a foreign aid training base for the Ministry of Commerce.


Sun Zhonghe welcomed the visit of the school and introduced the general situation of the training center campus as well as the main business scope and service areas. He pointed out that Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology is a long-term partner of the Ministry of Commerce's foreign aid training program, with rich experience in foreign management, superior software and hardware conditions, and leading training levels and quality. It is hoped that Nanxin University will give full play to its unique advantages in running schools, accurately meet the needs of the Ministry of Commerce's foreign aid projects, and build a classic foreign aid training project and an important base for foreign aid training.


The two parties also made further exchanges on the promotion of the cooperation plan.

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