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Professor Zhu Hezhou's statue unveiled


As a series of activities to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the founding of the school, on May 10, the statue of Professor Zhu Hezhou, a famous meteorologist and the first head of the Meteorological Department of our school, was unveiled at the school. Zhu Hezhou’s sons Zhu Dingdong and Zhu Dingzhen, school party committee secretary Guan Zhaoyong, school principal Li Beiqun, school party committee deputy secretary and vice president Wang Yao, deputy school party committee secretary and vice president Wang Yao, deputy school Changjiang Zhihong, student representative of Professor Zhu Hezhou, and professor He Jinhai of our school attended the meeting.


The statue of Mr. Zhu Hezhou is cast in bronze and is about 2 meters high and weighs about 1 ton. The image of Zhu Hezhou's classroom teaching moment is selected as the main composition of the statue. In the statue, he holds a book in his left hand and a pen in his right. According to reports, the statue is an important part of the school’s "campus famous teacher statue project". It is a cultural symbol for the accumulation and inheritance of the Xinda spirit and a powerful "magnetic field" that gathers the Xinda spirit.


Zhu Dingzhen, a representative of Zhu Hezhou's family, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the chief expert of meteorological service of the Public Meteorological Service Center of China Meteorological Administration, and an alumnus of our school, Zhu Dingzhen thanked Nanxin University for the statue of his father. He said, standing in front of the statue of his father, standing in front of the statue of your teacher Zhu and Zhou, I want to tell him that the new China meteorological career that you dedicated to and dedicated to the new China has already begun to become a powerful country in weather forecasting and service; you participated in the establishment that year. The Nanjing Institute of Meteorology has developed into a first-class, high-level university with characteristics; back then, you advocated "a complete set of" teaching reforms integrating science and education, and the students trained by their talents have long been well-known at home and abroad. I believe that the noble spirit of loving the country, the weather, and the students, which is symbolized by the statue, will be inherited and carried forward by generations of teachers and students. Nanxin University will gather outstanding talents from all over the world to build a first-class university and cultivate first-class talents. Can be achieved.


Li Beiqun sincerely thanked Zhu Hezhou for his outstanding contributions to the construction of atmospheric sciences and the development of our school. He said that for a long time, Nanxin University's atmospheric science discipline has been far ahead in the field of meteorological education. Over the years, the school's meteorological subject has achieved fruitful results in education and teaching, scientific research, and achievement transformation. When we look back over 60 years of running a school, these achievements can be found in Mr. Zhu Hezhou’s educational thoughts. It is also a group of predecessors represented by Mr. Zhu Hezhou who worked tirelessly and tirelessly, laying a solid foundation for the development of the school. Set the best example. The statues for the ancestors are not only to trace the roots and not forget the way but also to inherit and carry forward the scientific spirit. We believe that the unveiling of the statue will promote the condensing and improvement of Mr. Zhu Hezhou's educational and teaching concepts by Nanxin University, promote the next round of rapid development of school-related disciplines, and lead the creation of a new situation in national meteorological education.


The student representative of Zhu Hezhou and Professor He Jinhai of our school said that Mr. Zhu has a high teaching position, a wide field of vision, simple in-depth explanation, and the writing on the blackboard is also very beautiful, which is very popular among students. We gather here today to unveil the statue of Teacher Zhu, which embodies the commendation and commemoration of the patriotic intellectuals of the older generation by the party and the school and shows that the party and the people will not forget the spirit and achievements of their ancestors. Let us work hard to inherit the genes of Nanxin University, carry forward the pioneering innovations of our ancestors, and continue to build a better school under the leadership of the party.


Zhu Hezhou (1911-1968), a native of Shashi, Hubei. He graduated from the Department of Earth Science, School of Science, Tsinghua University in 1940, and went to the University of California to study in the United States in 1948. After returning to China, he served successively as a technical officer of the Meteorological Bureau of the Central Military Commission, chief engineer, and deputy director of the Institute of Meteorological Sciences of the Central Meteorological Administration. In 1960, Zhu Hezhou participated in the founding of Nanjing Institute of Meteorology and the Department of Meteorology (now the School of Atmospheric Sciences) as one of the main planners. He devoted his life energy to the meteorological cause of the motherland and made a pioneering and foundational contribution to the establishment of the teaching system and teaching system of Nanjing Meteorological Institute.


Zhu Dingzhen's speech


Guan Zhaoyong hosted


Li Beiqun speaks


He Jinhai speaks


Statue unveiled


Students present flowers

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