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Short/long term language program

1. Project introduction:

1.1 Duration of study: more than one semester (including one semester).

1.2 Course setting:

Compulsory courses: Intensive reading, listening, speaking, writing, and reading.

Electives: HSK test counseling, phonetics, calligraphy, Chinese history, etc.

1.3 Class hours: 20 class hours/week.

1.4 Classes: Elementary Chinese Class, Intermediate Chinese Class, Advanced Chinese Class.

1.5 Language and culture practice:

Organize students to Xi'an, Dunhuang, Tianshui, and other places to conduct language practice and cultural inspections, so that students can understand the splendid history and culture of China's multi-ethnic groups and improve their communicative skills while visiting Chinese historical sites.


2. Eligibility for application

2.1 Over 18 years old, in good health;

2.2 Hold a valid foreign passport.


3. Application time:



4. Submit materials

4.1 "Application Form for Chinese Language Students of Northwest Normal University"

4.2 Two copies of a valid ordinary passport and two passport size photos.

(Note: The above application materials will not be returned regardless of admission.)


5. Expenses

College students: 7,000 yuan / semester; 14,000 yuan / grade. Research student: 8,000 yuan / semester; 16,000 yuan / grade

Accommodation fee: 450 yuan/bed/month.


6. Application Procedure

Submit the electronic version of the application materials by email (, and submit the application materials after the application is confirmed successfully.

specific process:

Apply by e-mail → pre-qualified → printout and sign the admission application form → submit application materials (mail or email) → application is completed.


7. Admission and admission

Admission is based on the application materials. The admission notice, visa form (JW202 form), physical examination form, admission instructions, and other relevant documents shall be mailed to me.

School starts at the beginning of September each year (the specific time is subject to the "Admission Notice"). Admitted students must go through the registration formalities at the International Cultural Exchange College of Northwest Normal University in strict accordance with the time specified in the admission notice. Those who fail to complete the enrollment procedures within three weeks of the prescribed enrollment time will be disqualified for admission.


8. Contact

Mailing address: 967 Anning East Road, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, China

School of International Cultural Exchange, Northwest Normal University

Zipcode: 730070

Phone: 0086-931-7971913

Fax: 0086-931-7971913



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