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Cultural Festival opens

On May 7, the 2021 "Mengxiang" Student Association Cultural Festival of Northwest Normal University kicked off. The instructor of the Student Club Management Center and more than 1,000 students from each student club participated in the opening ceremony, participated in the "Four History", "School History" and student club related knowledge answering activities, and collectively watched the cool street dance, Hanfu catwalk, fantasy magic, Poetry recitation, and other programs.




In a one-month period, 64 student associations in six categories, including academic science and technology, ideological and political, cultural and sports, innovation and entrepreneurship, voluntary public welfare, and self-discipline and mutual assistance, will focus on "learning a century of party history. With themes such as absorbing the power of advancement, “popularizing science and technology, feeling the changes of the motherland”, “strengthening the sense of innovation, prospering campus culture”, “participating in public welfare practice, self-discipline and mutual help growth” and other themes, combined with the characteristics of the community, it carries out activities with rich content and diversified forms.






In recent years, the Northwest Normal University student associations have closely focused on the school’s talent training goals and developed a group of influential groups such as the Sunshine Service Association, the Youth Literature and History Association, and the Environmental Protection Association by the development concept of "one society, one characteristic". The powerful student clubs have carried out the "Mengxiang" student club cultural festival, the "Youth Graduation Season·Dream Set Sail" student club grand ceremony, and the "Freehand Youth·Wonderful Unlimited" student club welcome tour month, etc., which are ideological, artistic, knowledgeable and informative. Interesting boutique activities of student clubs.


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