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Teachers and students celebrate the new year

"I made our hometown food for everyone today, and I can still eat so many delicious Chinese dishes. I am very happy to be able to spend the New Year with you."




The Spring Festival is approaching. In response to the country’s call for "Chinese New Year in situ" and to let international students experience Chinese traditional culture and festive atmosphere, on February 7th, the International Education College held a series of activities "I celebrate the New Year in China" on the Chang'an campus. "Chinese New Year, Gourmet Gala" theme event. More than 20 international students from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Cameroon, and other countries gathered together with the faculty and staff of the International Education Institute and the Logistics Industry Group to cook Chinese and foreign cuisines and greet the Spring Festival with delicious tastes on their tongues.




Salads from Pakistan, baked steamed buns from Turkmenistan, Tom Yum soup from Thailand, hand pilaf from Uzbekistan, and beans from Cameroon. International students warmly entertained friends they met at the University of Technology with dishes of their hometown dishes and also told everyone about their own country. Culture and story.






Wang Lifang from Thailand introduced the special delicacy "Tom Yum Goong Soup", which tastes hot and sour and sweet, with a tender and smooth taste. She said: "This year is my second year of Chinese New Year in China. Compared with the fear and loneliness when the epidemic broke out last year, I am very happy to have teachers and classmates accompanying and activities together this year."




For a gourmet feast, Chinese dishes are indispensable in terms of color, flavor, and taste. The teachers of the National Education Institute personally cooked, serving braised chicken wings and tomato scrambled eggs, and specially prepared Shaanxi characteristic steam bowls such as yellow braised chicken, eight-treasure sweet rice, and braised octopus. The chef of the Logistics Group led the international students to cook special dishes such as steamed sea bass, potato beef, homemade tofu, and hot and sour cabbage while teaching.




The famous dish of traditional dark cuisine from China -Songhuadan is even more impressive to the international students.


In the laughter, the students said that although the impact of the epidemic cannot return to their hometowns, they are very happy to share food with teachers and friends, spend the Spring Festival together, and experience the "flavor of the Chinese New Year " together.




During the Spring Festival, the School of International Education will continue to carry out a series of activities of "I spend the New Year in China", and strive to make every international student feel the warmth of home, feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture, and spend a meaningful and rewarding Spring Festival holiday.


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