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1. Q: What kind of university is Northwestern Polytechnical University?

A: Northwestern Polytechnical University is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi. It is a multidisciplinary and research university with 82 years of glorious history. As one of the top research universities in China, Northwestern Polytechnical University is committed to providing first-class engineering education to Chinese and foreign students and helping students to constantly surpass themselves and achieve life. With the continuous establishment of Northwestern Polytechnical University's global reputation, the leadership of a large number of outstanding professors, and the support of alumni from more than 100 countries around the world, Northwestern Polytechnical University is gradually becoming a world-class research university.


2. Q: What is the school code of Northwestern Polytechnical University?

A: 10699


3. Q: What materials are needed for foreign students from Northwestern Polytechnical University to apply for a visa in China?

A: Application materials:

  • The valid passport or residence permit of the international student;
  • Relatives’ valid ordinary passports and visas;
  • Valid accommodation certificate of the student and relatives;
  • Foreign spouses need to provide marriage certificates; foreign children need to provide proof of relatives.


4. Q: What if the international students of Northwestern Polytechnical University cannot register on time due to the epidemic situation in September?

A: Our school will adjust the registration method in real-time according to relevant policies. Please pay attention to our follow-up notices.


5. Q: Which countries are required by Northwestern Polytechnical University for international students to provide a crime-free certificate? What are the requirements for a non-criminal certificate?

A: According to different policies, the countries that need to provide a certificate of no criminal record are also changing. At the beginning of the application, if there is no criminal record certificate, you can also submit it. If you need additional materials in the later period, we will communicate in time by email. At that time, please provide a Chinese/English non-criminal record certificate notarized by the local government and valid within 5 months (Chinese/English translations are required for other languages).


6. Q: Do I need to submit the paper version of the application materials to apply for the Northwestern Polytechnical University International Student Program?

A: No need. Our school has fully implemented an online application. Applicants only need to fill in and submit the application materials that meet the requirements in the application platform of our school as required.


7. Q: My previous courses were taught in English. I have a certificate of English proficiency issued by the school. Can I use it instead of IELTS, TOEFL and other English proficiency certificates to be submitted to Northwestern Polytechnical University?

A: No. Our school does not accept English proficiency certificates issued by the school. Students must provide valid IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, PTE academic exams, and Cambridge International A LEVEL English course scores that meet the admission requirements. If the applicant is a student recommended by a partner university or organization or is unable to apply for the language test due to the epidemic, please contact us by email. After the admissions office has confirmed, the language score can be provided at the latest when registering for the fall semester.


8. Q: I want to apply for an international undergraduate/master/doctorate at Northwestern Polytechnical University. Can I enroll in the spring?

A: No, the degree students only enroll in the fall once a year.


9. Q: Can applicants for international undergraduate students of Northwestern Polytechnical University apply for Chinese government scholarships?

A: Yes. However, undergraduates can only apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship's country-specific bilateral programs (apply at the local embassy or consulate). The program requires students to take classes in Chinese. Before the formal study of professional courses, students can take one-year Chinese tutoring at a designated Chinese university. For the Chinese Government Scholarship Autonomous Enrollment Program, our school only supports the postgraduate study. Undergraduate applicants (English-taught) should choose the principal scholarship if they meet the scholarship application requirements.


10. Q: What is the difference between the excellence scholarship/full scholarship/half scholarship of Northwestern Polytechnical University President Scholarship?

A: For undergraduates, the outstanding scholarship is exempted from tuition/accommodation fees, and a monthly subsidy of 1,500 yuan; full scholarships only exempt all tuition fees; half scholarships only exempt half of the tuition fees. We only provide very few outstanding scholarships to outstanding undergraduate applicants. The type of scholarship a student applies for only represents their personal wishes. After the interview, we will inform the student whether or not they have received the scholarship and the type of scholarship.


11. Q: Is the international undergraduate scholarship of Northwestern Polytechnical University for 4 years?

A: No. The scholarship will be reassessed every year, and the scholarship will be canceled for students who fail too many subjects or violate rules and disciplines. Of course, outstanding students also have the opportunity to upgrade their scholarships.


12. Q: Is the recommendation letter of the tutor for the graduate program of Northwestern Polytechnical University in China a necessary document for application?

A: Yes. Two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors are necessary documents for applying for masters and doctoral programs. The recommendation letter should be in Chinese or English.


13. Q: If I apply for a Chinese government scholarship, do I still need to complete the application in the application system of Northwestern Polytechnical University?

A: Yes. All international students applying for Northwestern Polytechnical University need to complete and submit their applications in the application platform of our school, including applicants for Chinese government scholarships.


14. Q: Do students who apply for the CSC Scholarship of Northwestern Polytechnical University also need to pay an application fee of 600 yuan?

A: Yes. Students applying for CSC scholarships need to complete the application process on the CSC website, and also need to complete the application on the NPU application platform. The application fee of our school's application platform is 600 RMB, which is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


15. Q: I am applying for a CSC scholarship. Where can I upload my CSC scholarship application form in the application system of Northwestern Polytechnical University?

A: You can upload the CSC Scholarship Application Form in the "Other Certificates or Documents" section.


16. Q: Why is there no change in my application status in the CSC application system, but only the application turntable in the Northwestern Polytechnical University system has changed? What does this mean?

A: The school will first review the student information in the application system of our school, and determine the primary list based on the application materials. Students who enter the primary list will be notified to participate in the school interview. The school will determine whether the applicant is eligible for admission and obtain a scholarship based on the interview situation. The school’s admission decision will be announced about two weeks after the scholarship deadline. Then we will submit the scholarship nomination list to the China Scholarship Council. The Fund Committee will review the student information again and make the final admission decision, after which we will announce the final admission list.


17. Q: Is there an off-campus accommodation subsidy for the scholarship for studying at Northwestern Polytechnical University?

A: No. The Study Abroad and Technology University scholarship only provides on-campus accommodation, while the CSC scholarship can provide off-campus accommodation subsidies.


18. Q: When can I apply for the Chinese language program of Northwestern Polytechnical University to study in China, and when can I apply for the preparatory program?

A: At present, the fall Chinese language program and preparatory program of our school are open for application, and you can apply online at any time.


19. Q: I have studied some Chinese and want to improve my Chinese proficiency at Northwestern Polytechnical University. How should I apply?

A: In the project application stage, the Chinese language project is still selected. After the entry into the journal, the Chinese Language Center will test and classify the applicants according to their actual Chinese proficiency.


20. Q: Can I get a scholarship for studying the Chinese language program at Northwestern Polytechnical University?

A: Apply for the autumn Chinese language program or the preparatory program, and the study period is up to one academic year. You can apply for the Xi'an "Belt and Road" scholarship for foreign students, with a total of 10,000 yuan. It can be awarded only after passing the interview and review organized by our school.


21. Q: What should I do if international students who have been admitted to Northwestern Polytechnical University cannot register on time due to the epidemic?

A: Our school retains the admission qualifications for the Chinese language program freshmen admitted in the spring until the fall. Students can choose to come in autumn. The Admissions Office will assist in re-processing relevant registration procedures.


22. Q: After being admitted to Northwestern Polytechnical University, do international students need to book dormitories? Can I live off-campus?

A: There is no need to book a dormitory after being admitted. The Chinese Language Center will uniformly allocate on-campus dormitories for all freshmen after registering. No special circumstances are generally allowed to live off-campus.


23. Q: What is the contact information for Northwestern Polytechnical University?

A: Contact information:

  • Address: Office 715, Yi Building, No. 127, Youyi West Road, Beilin District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province
  • Post Code: 710072
  • Phone: +86-29 88494381
  • Email:
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