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Hold licensing and science lectures

To fully integrate the talent training between universities and middle schools, establish information communication channels between universities and middle schools, expand our school’s social influence, and attract more high-quality students, on the afternoon of April 29th, Northwestern Polytechnical University's high-quality student base awarding ceremony and popular science The lecture was held in the conference room of the Administration Building of Xi'an Middle School in Shaanxi Province. Attending the ceremony and popular science lectures were our school’s Admissions Office Director Wang Keqin, the Associate Dean of the School of Astronautics, Professor Meng Zhongjie, Associate Professor Hui Weihua of the School of Astronautics, Professor Han Zhiguo of the School of Astronautics, and Mr. Xue Dangpeng, Vice President of Xi’an Middle School in Shaanxi Province, and the Director of Admissions Teacher Lu Duo, some teachers, and first-year students.


At the awarding ceremony, Vice President Xue Dangpeng extended a warm welcome to the teachers of the Xi'an University of Technology and his entourage and said that Xi'an Middle School will strongly support our school’s enrollment work and encourage students to apply for the Northwestern Polytechnical University. Director Wang Keqin expressed his gratitude to Xi'an Middle School for providing high-quality students to our school over the years. The two sides will use the high-quality student base as a platform to promote more in-depth cooperation and strive for more outstanding students to be admitted to Northwestern Polytechnical University. Subsequently, Xue Dangpeng and Wang Keqin signed the "High-quality Student Source Base Cooperation Agreement". On behalf of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Wang Keqin awarded the "Quality Student Source Base" plaque to Xi'an Middle School in Shaanxi Province.


Deputy Dean Meng Zhongjie gave a popular science report on "Aerospace-The Glory of Mankind" to the students. It mainly introduced the rockets of major aerospace powers in the world from the categories of spacecraft, the origin of space technology, the overview of foreign aerospace development, and the overview of China's aerospace development. , Satellites, spacecraft, and deep space probes. At the same time, through the analysis of my country's aerospace strength, we understand the position of my country's aerospace strength in the world's aerospace field and look forward to the focus of future development.


Finally, Professor Meng Zhongjie hopes that the students will study hard, apply for the Northwestern Polytechnical University in the future, and continue to compose the heroic aerospace.

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