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Postgraduate admission guide

1. Eligibility for application:

1.1 Non-Citizens of the People's Republic of China holding valid passports. Foreign applicants of Chinese descent who come to China to study in China must acquire foreign nationality and cancel their Chinese nationality before April 30, 2017, and have a record of actual residence abroad for more than 2 years from April 30, 2017, to April 30, 2021 (Actually living abroad for 9 months in a year can be calculated as one year, subject to entry and exit signatures)

1.2 Physical and mental health;

1.3 As of September 1, 2021, applicants applying for a master's degree must be under 35 years old; applicants applying for a doctoral degree must be under 40 years old;

1.4 Applicants applying for a master's degree must have obtained a bachelor's degree; applicants applying for a doctoral degree must have obtained a master's degree;

1.5 Applicants should have a strong level of scientific research and must have excellent grades.


2. Application materials:

2.1 Required materials:

2.1.1 Application form (fill in the application system of our school);

2.1.2 A valid and clear scanned copy of the first page of the passport;

2.1.3 Graduation certificate with the highest degree; if the applicant is a student at school, he/she must also submit the certificate of attendance issued by the school and the expected graduation time;

2.1.4 Transcript;

2.1.5 Recommendation letters provided by 2 associate professors (or equivalent technical positions) or more experts. The recommendation letter must contain expert information (title, email address, affiliated institution);

2.1.6 The applicant's study and research plan in China;

2.1.7 Proof of Chinese/English language proficiency;

2.1.8 No criminal record (valid within 5 months);

2.1.9 A copy of the medical examination form.


2.2 Optional materials:

2.2.1 Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form-only provided by applicants for Chinese Government Scholarship. Applicants for Chinese government scholarships need to fill in the Chinese government scholarship application form on the website and upload the application form to the application website of Northwestern Polytechnical University.

2.2.2 Tutor acceptance letter. Applicants holding a tutor acceptance letter will be considered for admission first;

2.2.3 Notarized scientific research results.

Remarks: All the above application materials must be in English or Chinese, and materials in other languages must be accompanied by notarized English or Chinese translations.


3. Language requirements:

3.1 Applicants do not need to provide language scores when they meet the following language requirements:

Applicants whose mother tongue is Chinese apply for majors taught in Chinese;

English-speaking applicants apply for majors taught in English.

3.2 For other applicants, the specific language score requirements are:

Language of instruction



HSK Level 4 (200 points) and above and HSKK (Intermediate)


IELTS score above 6.0 (each score is not less than 5.5)

OR TOEFL score of 80 or above (we accept TOEFL My best Scores, DI code C317)

Or GRE 310+3.0 points or more

Or PTE Academic Exam with a score of 55 and above

Or Duolingo English Test 95 points and above

Or Cambridge International A LEVEL English course grades reach A

Note: List of English-speaking countries:


4. Performance requirements:

The average score requirements for the previous stage of learning are as follows:

Full marks




Average score requirement





Remarks: Some colleges have other requirements for international students' performance (master and doctorate):


5. Application and selection process:

Step 1-Complete the online application on the Northwestern Polytechnical University application website before the deadline. The online application system is the only effective application platform. Please complete the online application before the application deadline. The mailbox used to register for the online application system must be a valid mailbox, and the admissions office will send various application results and notices through this mailbox. Applicants are required to upload all application documents and submit application materials before the application deadline.; (November 2020-June 2021)

Step 2-The Admissions Committee reviews the application materials. Applications that are returned for resubmission due to missing application materials must be resubmitted before the deadline. Applications with complete materials will be reviewed by the relevant colleges. (November 2020-June 2021)

Step 3-Applicants will receive the notice of interview and qualification examination by e-mail. The specific time is subject to the e-mail notification from the Admissions Office of the International Education College. (March 2021-June 2021)

Step 4-Mail the admission notice and other related documents to the admitted students. (July 2021-August 2021)

Step 5-Complete the registration at the Admissions Office before the deadline. If you fail to register within the specified registration period without the permission of the Admissions Office of the International Education College, you will be deemed to have waived your admission qualification. (August 2021-September 2021)


6. Application time:

Application for Chinese Government Scholarship:

The first round of applications: November 15, 2020-February 28, 2021

The second round of applications: March 01, 2021-March 31, 2021

"Study Abroad University of Technology" principal scholarship application / Xi'an "Belt and Road" scholarship application for foreign students:

November 15, 2020-May 15, 2021

Self-financed student application: November 15, 2020-May 30, 2021

Duration of study: Master: 2.5 years

Ph.D.: 4 years


7. Scholarship:

Scholarship type

Scholarship name

Funding content

New student scholarship

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

School code (10699)




Monthly subsidy

Master 3000 RMB/month

Ph.D. 3500 RMB/month

2. Scholarship for the President of the University of Technology (Excellence Award)



Campus accommodation

Monthly subsidy

Master's 2000 RMB/month

Ph.D. 3500 RMB/month

3. Xi'an "One Belt One Road" Scholarship for Foreign Students

Subsidy amount

Master's 20,000 RMB/year

Ph.D. 25000 RMB/year



1. Shaanxi Provincial Government Scholarship

2. Wu Yajun Scholarship

Remarks: Shaanxi Provincial Government Scholarship and Wu Yajun Scholarship are only open to self-financed students. Applicants need to check their school performance and extracurricular activities.


8. Cost:

Charge Details

Application fee

600 RMB (non-refundable)


Master's degree 30,000 RMB/year

PhD 38,000 RMB/year


800 RMB/year

Accommodation fee

7200 RMB/year

Double room

10800 RMB/year

T3/Haitianyuan Single Room


9. Contact information:

Admissions Office, School of International Education, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Address: Office 715, Yi Building, No. 127, Youyi West Road, Beilin District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Post Code: 710072


Phone: 029-88494381

Contact us for more information

WeChat ID: studyatnpu

Ins / Facebook: npuinternationalcollege

Twitter: NpUintl

Linkedin: npu Internatonal College



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