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Special scholarship for credit students

1. Types of scholarships

1.1 CEIBS Credit Student Scholarship

1.2 Chinese and Aesthetic Division Scholarship

1.3 Special scholarships for credit students from world-renowned universities

1.4 Canada Study in China Program


2. Scholarship requirements

2.1 The above four types of scholarships must have signed an inter-school exchange and cooperation agreement between the universities of the two countries (the agreement will not be reviewed in the name of the department), and the agreement should reflect the credits obtained by the students from the other country's university recognized by the Chinese university.

2.2 Students coming to China must study in a Chinese university from September 1, 2020, to August 31, 2021. Among them, the study time for Chinese and Aesthetic students and Canadian study in China programs should be no less than 1 month; for CEIBS credit students and credit students from world-renowned universities, the study time should be no less than 3 months.

2.3 The location of the project partner institution must be consistent with the project name. Among them, the foreign cooperative colleges and universities of the world-renowned university credit student special program should be non-US, Canadian, and European countries.

2.4 Among them, for the China-Europe Credit Program, European universities can recommend students of other European nationalities who are not their own countries. Students coming to China for other programs must have the nationality of the country where the institution is located.


3. Application and review methods

3.1 Northwestern Polytechnical University fills in the project application form and submits it to the China Scholarship Council. Once approved projects need to be declared together with new projects.

3.2 The Fund Committee organizes expert reviews, focusing on reviewing the content of the agreement, the subject situation and curriculum design of domestic colleges and universities, the quality of cooperative colleges, and the implementation of the previous year.

3.3 The cut-off point for the application acceptance and review of the National Fund Committee: It is estimated that the application form and a copy of the agreement will be submitted before May 31, 2021, and the university will be approved and notified around July 15.


4. Allocation and payment of scholarships

4.1 The number of special scholarships for credit students is allocated according to the qualification status of colleges and universities and the scale of qualified students. The subsidy standard in 2019 is 3000 yuan per person per month (calculated according to one-twelfth of the annual full subsidy standard for general scholars of the Chinese Government Scholarship in 2019).

4.2 The National Natural Science Foundation of China will make a unified allocation based on the actual number of applicants within the approved quota of colleges and universities by the 2020 Chinese Government Scholarship Appropriation Method.


5. Contact information

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