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The first sports art festival will be held soon

March 10 afternoon, retired cadres working in Jianxiang second floor reading room organized part of the text in the elderly community association meetings, thematic layout style festival-related work. Nearly 20 persons in charge of part of the "Red Maple Leaf" Middle-aged and Aged Association Association and station directors of various activities attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Hua, deputy secretary of the retired party committee and deputy director.


Zhang Hua expressed sincere gratitude to the heads of the cultural and sports associations for their efforts to actively promote the smooth development of various cultural and sports activities and briefly introduced the overview of the "first middle-aged and elderly cultural and sports arts festival" to be launched this semester. She said that this semester The Retirement Office will provide a broader platform for associations and provide more support and help for the further development of activities for retired old comrades.


Xue Kang explained in detail the specific plans and activities of the "Middle-aged and Elderly Culture, Sports and Arts Festival" to the heads of various associations. The person in charge of the "Red Maple Leaf" club discussed the specific details and implementation methods of the "Old People's Culture and Art Festival". 

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