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Chinese teaching program for doctoral students

Project introduction: Generally, it takes 3 years of professional study and research period. Complete the credits, obtain certain scientific research results, complete the doctoral dissertation, and pass the thesis defense to obtain a graduation certificate; those who meet the requirements for a doctoral degree awarded will be awarded a doctorate.


1. Start time:

Every fall


2. Application time:

April 30th


3. Application conditions:

(1) The applicant is a non-Chinese foreign citizen and is in good health;

(2) Applicants for the doctoral program should have a master's degree or above, and be under 40 years old;

(3) Applicants must pass the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Level 4, or come to the school for a year of Chinese language training and meet the corresponding requirements of the school before entering the corresponding academic education.


4. Submit materials:

(1) "Application Form for Foreign Students Admission to Northwest A&F University"

(2) Notarized copies of the highest academic qualifications, degree certificates, and transcripts (Chinese or English; fresh graduates can submit pre-graduation certificates and notarized transcripts first and must bring notarized copies of graduation certificates and degree certificates when enrolling)

(3) Tutor acceptance letter

(4) Two recommendation letters from associate professors or above (in Chinese or English)

(5) Study or research plan

(6) Abstracts of published papers or other materials that can prove their research ability

(7) Copy of valid passport

(8) Certificate of no criminal record

(9) Copy of "Foreigner Physical Examination Record"

(10) Proof of Chinese proficiency (HSK4 or above)

(11) 2 ID photos (the same size as the passport photo)


5. Cost of study:

Registration fee: 400 yuan

Tuition: 23600 yuan / academic year(social science)

26000 yuan / academic year (natural sciences)

Insurance premium: 800 yuan/year

Accommodation fee: 1,000 yuan (single room)/month, 500 yuan (double room)/month

Teaching material fee: charged according to the actual situation


★ Please submit 2 copies of the above application materials at the same time;

★ Incomplete materials will not be accepted. The above materials will not be returned regardless of admission.


6. Contact:

Address: No. 3 Taicheng Road, Yangling, Shaanxi, China

Post Code: 712100

Telephone: +86-29-87080182

Fax: +86-29-87080283




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