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Holding retirement leave activities in 2020

From April 29th to 30th, our school’s 2020 retired faculty (members) leave-off event was held in Lintong. Xu Yang, deputy secretary of the school party committee and chairman of the labor union, heads of the personnel office, retirement office, school labor union, and more than 60 Retired employees participated in the farewell activities.



Xu Yang, deputy secretary of the school party committee and chairman of the labor union, delivered a speech


In 2020, a total of 127 employees of the school will retire honorably. At the farewell ceremony, Xu Yangfu, on behalf of the school party committee and the school union, expressed his high respect and heartfelt thanks to everyone for their contributions to the development of the school. He expressed affectionately that for decades, everyone has been sharing the same destiny with the school, through storms, hard work, hard work, selfless work, and selfless dedication of their youth and strength to the school career. Every brick and tile of the school has penetrated. With everyone's hard work and sweat, every achievement and glory of the school includes everyone's hard work. I hope that veteran comrades will arrange their retirement life colorfully and colorfully, enjoy the good time in their old age happily, and continue to care for and support the work of the school. The school will also do its best to provide all kinds of services and guarantees for everyone and strive to make everyone have the security, the learning, the good, and the happiness of the old.


In her speech, Professor Zhao Huiyan, a retired employee representative, reviewed the drastic changes in the school over the past few decades. She said that she was full of affection for the school. Although she retired, she never left her job. Retirement is not the end of her career. I believe that under the leadership of the school party committee With the joint efforts of all faculty and staff, the school’s various undertakings will reach a new level.


The faculty art troupe presented the cheongsam show "Meet the Jiangnan Rain", the song solo "There is a Beautiful Legend", "The Most Beautiful Sunset Is Red", and the dance "My Jiuzhaigou", expressing a warm blessing and gratitude. Finally, the collective chorus "The Motherland Will Not Forget" pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.


At the farewell ceremony, the heads of the Personnel Office, Retirement Office, and Labor Union also sent blessings to the retired employees. Retired employees visited Mingduquan Park. The event ended successfully in an atmosphere of laughter, harmony, warmth, and moving.



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