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Vaccination against new coronavirus



To further strengthen the normalized prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, effectively build an immune barrier, effectively protect the health of teachers and students and campus safety, and maintain the normal order of teaching and research on campus. On May 12th, the new crown virus vaccination work of our school started at the Nanxiushan Activity Center. The principal Wu Pute learned about the progress of the vaccination at the vaccination site.



Wuput understands the work development at the vaccination site


We put checks the progress of vaccination


Vaccination adheres to the principle of "informed, agreed, voluntary, and free", to ensure that it is exhausted, full coverage, step-by-step implementation, and orderly progress. The vaccination was carried out at Nanxiushan Activity Center and Beixiushan Activity Center. All students and faculty members are vaccinated nearby according to the arrangement, and both injections must be administered at the same place. The Nanxiushan Activity Center is mainly responsible for the centralized vaccination of students and unvaccinated employees of the South Campus, including undergraduates, postgraduates, international students, and unvaccinated faculty, with a total of 12,750 people. The Beixiushan Activity Center is mainly responsible for the centralized vaccination of students in the North Campus, including undergraduates, graduate students, and unvaccinated faculty, with a total of 20377 people. Vaccinations are carried out on the south campus first. According to the distribution of students in the north and south campuses and the vaccine supply of the disease control department in Yangling District, a preliminary arrangement is made for 1,000-3,000 people a day, and the vaccination is planned to be completed in 10 days.


Registration information




Vaccination should be completed in the order of online appointment (fill in personal information) → pre-check → registration (registration counter) → vaccination (vaccination counter), print out the XG vaccination voucher → observe → leave the site and complete the vaccination work, and the recipient must stay after vaccination Watch for 30 minutes. After staying for more than 30 minutes, if there is an adverse reaction, you can call the school hospital at 87092522. The medical staff will deal with it in time according to the emergency plan. Teachers and students should properly keep the new crown vaccine "Vaccination Certificate".

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