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Hold recruitment fair

To maximize the talent support role of colleges and universities in serving rural revitalization and build a job search platform for graduates to serve the grassroots, our school’s "Rural Revitalization" talent recruitment fair was held on the morning of May 9th at the South Campus Track and Field Stadium.


Yan Zhu, deputy secretary of the school party committee, communicated with the participants on the spot


To ensure the safe and orderly organization of job fairs and achieve maximum results, the Employment Guidance Center has held several special meetings to study and deploy related matters, and take multiple measures to prepare for the meeting. The first is early research and early deployment of early action, and related preparatory work was launched in March, and special personnel was organized to go to Guangxi, Guizhou, Heilongjiang, and other places to carry out the introduction and docking of high-level talents, selection and transfer of students, institutions and other talents in Guangxi, Guizhou, Heilongjiang, and other places. The second is the scientific design of fine service. Strengthen the full-process closed-loop services of registration and review of participating units, return visits, health screening, and safety access, and pay attention to data accuracy, clear personnel, and clear procedures in all links. The third is warm service to warm people's hearts. Convenient and heart-warming services such as resume consultation, policy consultation, and commuter bus between North and South schools were set up at the recruitment fair venue to provide a guarantee for graduates' employment and job hunting.


The person in charge of the recruitment of public institutions in Mianyang said: "This time I came to Xinong for recruitment. We were deeply impressed by the pragmatic and truthful quality and solid knowledge of Xinong students. The meticulous service of the conference affairs team made us feel warm. I hope I can come to Xinong to recruit every year in the future. Student Wang, a recent master's degree graduate from the College of Horticulture, said: "The theme of this job fair is in line with the national strategic needs, especially the number of participating institutions, which is in line with our actual needs and provides students with many choices."


Job fair scene


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