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I celebrate the new year in Ningxia

"Auntie, a good Chinese New Year!"

"Happy New Year, Sani!"

During the Spring Festival, Sani, a foreign student at Ningxia University, greeted the on-duty dormitory staff. "This is the home of our international students. Aunty gave up the time to reunite with her family to serve us. I am very touched." Sani said.




Sani posted the word "Fu" on the door of the dormitory.

Sani was born in 1996 and his hometown is in the African island country of Comoros. He came to China in 2015 and has not yet returned home. When he first arrived in China, he could hardly speak Chinese. After 6 years of study, he is now able to use Chinese freely.

At first, Sani studied Chinese at Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, and then at a university in Hainan. In 2017, he entered Ningxia University to study food science and engineering. Over the past few years, Sani’s Chinese level has increased day by day, and his understanding of Chinese culture has also been deepened. One of the important ways is to participate in various Chinese festivals and feel the charm of Chinese culture.

February 4th, the lunar new year. On the same day, Ningxia University held a Spring Festival sympathy event for international students and foreign teachers, writing Spring Festival couplets, making dumplings, cutting window grilles... Sani participated in the whole process and made dumplings for the first time. Recalling the scene that day, Sani has endless aftertastes.

"The Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people. The family members get together and the atmosphere is particularly good." Although he has been away from home for 6 years, Sani's life in China is not alone, except for the daily video connection with his family members outside of Wanli. In the past few years, he has gradually gone to the countryside to follow the customs and made many Chinese friends. The teachers and classmates of the school have also given him a lot of care. Here, Sani’s most intuitive feeling is that the Chinese are very united, especially in response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

In 2020, at the beginning of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, some international students around Sani were worried about returning to their country safely, but Sani stayed firmly. Sani told reporters that when he came to study in China, he followed his father's advice. After his father visited China many years ago, he told him that China is a safe country. "Thanks to the Chinese people for their united efforts this year, allowing me to study and live in a safe environment," Sani said.

Nowadays, some of his classmates regret that they were anxious to return home, but Sani can still enjoy normal school life at this time, and will successfully complete his studies at Ningxia University in 2022. On the twenty-ninth lunar month of the lunar calendar, Sani posted the word "Fu" at the door of the bedroom and made a New Year's wish: I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible and people's lives will return to normal as soon as possible. 

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