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Do a good job in epidemic prevention and control

News from this site At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic broke the original peaceful and quiet life. More than 200 international students staying at the Ocean University of China have become the largest group of students on campus for epidemic prevention and control. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, all the faculty and staff of the International Education College have acted quickly, united as one, dedicated themselves to their duties, fought on the front line, guarded the safety of foreign students from all over the world, and conveyed the confidence and courage to overcome the difficulties and overcome the epidemic together.

During the war "epidemic" during the winter vacation, all the faculty, and staff of the college are on duty 24/7, online, facing the arduous and onerous epidemic prevention and control tasks and the particularities of international students. "Warriors" on the international student epidemic prevention and control front.

Receiving orders in the face of danger, bravely carrying heavy burdens-Mr. Wang Xiaoying, Teaching Work Department


Teacher Wang Xiaoying went deep into the dormitory to understand the physical condition of the students staying in school during the holidays

During the initial critical period of the war against the "epidemic", teacher Wang Xiaoying, the director of the teaching affairs department, acted immediately, and since New Year's Eve, he has devoted himself to the prevention and control of the epidemic among international students. She arrives at the college early every morning, cooperates with the leaders of the on-duty hospital that day, guides the staff on duty, coordinates the relevant units of the school and the various departments of the college, organizes the distribution of living supplies, and goes deep into the student dormitory many times to investigate the situation, accompany the students to the school hospital for medical treatment, and handle all For urgent and tricky matters, I use my own money to help colleagues, solve problems for students, serve the students wholeheartedly, and always go to the forefront of student work. Although there is a son in the family who needs to take care of the college entrance examination this year, he still insists on being on duty every day. From January 27th, the third day of New Year's Day until now, there is no day off for more than a month.

Waiting every day, leaving no omissions-all teachers of the Student Affairs Department


Teacher Chen Li helps international students on the Laoshan campus distribute living supplies


Teacher Liu Yang instructs international students to use thermometers


Teacher Feng Jia conducts statistics on student dynamic information through the Internet every day


Teacher Liu Yudong handles student visa matters online

The teachers of the Student Affairs Department closely contact each international student and accurately grasp the detailed information of each student. More than 500 international students who stay in school, live off-campus in Qingdao, return to the country on vacation, go out to visit relatives, and travel are one-on-one and point-to-point every day. Contact, grasp their health status, living arrangements, psychological status, and existing difficulties at the first time, timely convey to the students the notice and requirements of the school’s epidemic prevention and control, and do a good job in the health education, safety education and psychology of the students promptly To relieve students’ anxiety caused by the epidemic.

International students are in more than 40 countries and regions, and there are many differences in geography, time difference, culture, and cognition. The daily information check basically starts at 6 in the morning, and the report information from the students can be basically collected in the early morning of the next day. For students who do not respond in time, the teacher in charge should contact the students again and again through WeChat, telephone, other student assistance, etc., and make sure that the students are healthy and safe. It is normal to take a break in the middle of the night. Due to cultural differences and different concepts and concepts, some students cannot understand or even resist management requirements. Teachers cannot relax standards, but also need to be humane, pay attention to methods and methods, do student work with heart and soul, and strive for students' understanding and cooperation.

As students are closed in the school for a long time, they must do a good job of their logistical support to ensure the safety and stability of the campus. The teachers cooperate with the logistics support office to accurately count the daily necessities of more than 200 students in the school once or twice a week, make forms, classify numbers, calculate prices, answer various purchase questions of students, assist in the distribution of materials on-site, and channel the crowd.

Throughout the holiday, the teachers in the Affairs Department were online 24 hours a day, their mobile phones were not left, and the computers were not turned off. Their hard work also won the understanding and support of international students, and the support of the students became their greatest motivation.


Teacher Li Hao interacts with students in the class group online

Isolate the virus, but not love. Teacher Li Hao is a mental health education consultant for international students. She communicates and interacts with students of different grades and majors in weekly online theme classes, builds an online communication platform for them, and adds color to the students' holiday life. At the same time, at the critical moment of the battle, she constantly explored new methods of psychological work, compiled psychological questionnaires in the first time, and learned about their psychological changes in time; provided one-on-one online psychological counseling for students in isolation, and calmed down the problems caused by isolation. Anxiety and anxiety; regularly organize students to carry out online group psychological activities. A communication platform has been built for international students to provide psychological support, guidance, and care for the student group, and to send meticulous warmth in this special winter.


Teacher Chen Shouyuan guides international students to register in and out of the international student dormitory

Mr. Chen Shouyuan takes care of more than 30 students on the Yushan campus. From the second day of the first month, he went to the apartment to supervise the students to complete body temperature monitoring, inspect the campus, prevent personnel from gathering, and do a good job of logistics support services for international students on the Yushan campus. While carrying out strict management, he also offers "heart-warming services" to students from time to time. When it was discovered that there were students in the apartment on their birthdays, Mr. Chen made it clear to the students that gatherings are strictly prohibited during the epidemic and discouraged them from gatherings. He also prepared a special birthday gift for his classmates and distributed masks and school utensils to each of the two birthday students. This move made the students very touched and smiled happily, allowing them to better understand and support the school's prevention and control work.

Party members fight the "epidemic" on the front line


All members of the party member pioneer post

To give play to the exemplary vanguard role of party members, the School of International Education has set up “Party Member Pioneer Posts” in the Joint Duty Room of Jinhaiyuan on Yushan Campus and International Students on Laoshan Campus. On-site coordination of students' isolation and placement, medical treatment, and life services. They strictly demand themselves according to the standards of Communist Party members, face difficulties, go all out, and maintain the health and safety of students as their primary task and responsibility.

In addition, there are many dear and lovely teachers who have overcome all kinds of difficulties and stick to their posts. The elderly in some teachers’ homes are seriously ill, and they are still rushing back to Qingdao from their hometowns during the winter vacation after receiving the order from the college to return to work. Some teachers’ homes have young children and no one takes care of them. Overcome difficulties and rush to the front line to solve problems for students. With such a group of good teachers, the students deeply feel the warm care of the college and feel that this winter is not too cold.

Heart for heart, united will become a city

At present, the emotions of international students have changed from the fear and worries of the epidemic to understanding and trust. The School of International Education provides students with comprehensive and multi-faceted safety guarantees and meticulous services and solves the worries for students to resume their daily life and study. The students have been relieved to participate in online learning after school starts.


Online learning "Experimental Ecology" for international students

Recently, the school’s Zimbabwean international students, Blessing Kataware from the 2016 Chinese language major and Simbarashe Chari from the 2017 computer science and technology major, jointly composed and wrote lyrics, and sang with an Armenian girl Mery outside the school, creating a song called The original song of "Keep on Keeping on" was recorded and edited into video work. Student Blessing said: “At the moment when all Chinese people are working together to fight the epidemic, such work can cheer everyone up and boost morale. It keeps people clear and positive. Let us believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Lamp, we want to share this information with everyone. This song does not belong to us, it belongs to the Chinese people. We decided to dedicate it to China because this is our home."

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