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International students work together to fight the epidemic


International students assist in moving supplies and measuring body temperature

Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, international students of the Ocean University of China have actively cooperated with the school's various tasks and worked together with all the teachers and students of the school to fight the epidemic side by side.

PAVANE TUSHAR RAMESH, an Indian Ph.D. student in Food Science in the School of Food Science and Engineering, is an enthusiastic young man. He actively assists teachers in urging the remaining students to take body temperature and register statistics every day. He also actively takes advantage of his fluency in Chinese to help teachers coordinate the supermarkets and shops around the Yushan campus, and buy mineral water and other items for the remaining students.

UCHENNA NNENNA, a Nigerian master's student in Chinese International Education, and BUKHARI SYED WAJID HANIF, a Ph.D. student in marine geology from Pakistan, are also full of enthusiasm. After the campus was closed, the logistics support office regularly provided fresh fruits and vegetables to international students. Due to a large number of reservations, the handling and packing work was heavy. The two students saw that the supermarket staff were too busy, and offered to help the supermarket. Staff carries and packs vegetables.

"If you need any help, I am willing to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work for free." This is a voluntary application of PERVEZ RASHID, a Pakistani doctoral student majoring in marine geology. On the afternoon of February 13, PERVEZ RASHID met teacher Wang Xiaoying of the International Education College who was undergoing a temperature check in the dormitory corridor of the Laoshan campus. He took the initiative to help the teacher translate and explain to the students. The teacher reported the temperature.

TERRY BENITERA, an undergraduate student majoring in business administration from Kiribati, took the initiative to help teachers distribute thermometers to Kiribati students who stayed at school. He said that he is the older one among Kiribati students. If necessary, he is willing to help teachers develop their work among students.

In the early morning of February 15th, an international student sent the teachers his own food, expressing gratitude to the teachers for their hard work over the past few days, and hurriedly left without leaving his name.

These students are the epitome of international students. It is precisely this group of enthusiastic, active, and optimistic international students that have helped the school's international student prevention and control work to be carried out smoothly.

HENRY MUDONHI, an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and Technology from Zimbabwe, specially sent a message to the teachers, thanking the Chinese government for providing Zimbabwe students with the opportunity to study in China, and expressing gratitude to the Chinese government for its love and care for the students in the face of the epidemic Feelings. He said that he firmly supports Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa and firmly supports China's position. On behalf of all Zimbabwean students in school, he also thanked the school and paid tribute to all the medical workers who are fighting on the front line.

Those international students who are far abroad have sent blessings to teachers and extended a helping hand to the school through the Internet. Pakistani graduate ROAF MUHAMMAD TEMOOR, who once spoke as an international student representative at the 2019 graduate graduation ceremony of Ocean University of China, wrote in a message to the teacher: "Teacher if I need my For help, masks or other aspects, I am happy to follow your dispatch, and hope that the Chinese people can tide over the difficulties as soon as possible." Simple words hide deep friendship between China and the school.

In the days when the new crown pneumonia epidemic was raging, the international students who stayed at the school organized and produced a small video to bring together everyone's support and gratitude to the school, Wuhan, and China. Thank the school for creating a safe and healthy living environment for them, thank the school for ensuring everyone's daily life, they feel very safe and at ease on campus.
In the face of the epidemic, the international students of the Ocean University of China will work with masters and students to help each other to overcome the difficulties and wait for the sea of flowers to bloom again on both sides of the school’s cherry blossom avenue.

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