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New year's party held successfully

The 2019 New Year Party for Chinese and Foreign Students at Ocean University of China was successfully held

On December 23, on the day of bidding farewell to 2019, the New Year Party for Chinese and Foreign Students of Ocean University of China was grandly held in the multifunctional hall of the University Student Activity Center. Vice President Li Huajun, Office of the Party Committee, Director of the Office of the President Zhou Shanshan, Secretary of the Second Party Branch of the Direct Business Department Fan Zhanwei, Deputy Dean of the School of International Education Zhao Jing, Deputy Director of the Student Office Xu Lingling, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee Gao Xiang, and Li Yun of the Academic Affairs Office The deputy director, Gu Zhiheng, director of the International Student Apartment Service Center, Gao Xiaoya teacher from the Graduate School and other units representatives, as well as Chinese and foreign students from the International Education College, attended the party.


Sweet lyrics, gentle melody, no gorgeous rhetoric, a soft song " Thinking Out Loud " kicked off the party.


After the dynamic cheerleading performance, the band "We are one" and Robinson from Ecuador brought "fly to the moon" to everyone. The beautiful lyrics and moving voice made the audience fully immersed in the romance of this song. Confession. The Spanish song "Despacito" full of Latin style, with a boiling rhythm, rendered the energetic South American style, and won bursts of applause and applause;


The exotic gypsy style belly dance is bright and smooth, sometimes charming and soft, sometimes free and unrestrained, with a bright and warm drum rhythm, which is dizzying;


"Singing to wine, life is geometric! For example, there is a lot of suffering in the morning," a song "Short Songs", the heart seems to rise with great pride; a light-hearted Russian song "On a Big Balloon", let the audience are immersed in the beautiful melody of a foreign country;


Kiribati traditional dance, passionate and powerful dance, the audience seems to be walking on the beach of South Pacific island country - tall coconut trees, fine white sand, brisk waves, feeling the beauty and romance of life;


The song "Wind Up" has a lively rhythm and a fresh melody, full of innocent and romantic youth;


The poem recites "The Hymn of Light", which expresses the ardent yearning for and pursuit of light, the praise of the times and life, and the courage to face ideals;


The We are one band, which is very popular among teachers and students, won cheers from the audience as soon as it debuted. The song " No One " became a passionate ocean on stage and off stage, pushing the atmosphere of the party to a climax;


The twist dances and free-swinging beats brought by Russian and Ukrainian classmates are full of lightness and joy;


The combination of cool yo-yo performance and rap creates incredible sparks; the passionate dance skewer shows youthful vitality;


Twelve national costume shows, staged a visually stunning feast, with "clothes" to narrate emotions, highlighting the style of each country;


The much-anticipated party sketch is even more humorous, with constant laughter, which brings joy to the teachers and classmates. At the same time, the theme of "Beware of Fraud" is more thought-provoking;


The song "Friends" is full of voice and emotion and sang the voice of the audience. "One sentence, a lifetime, love for a lifetime, a glass of wine" just four sentences express the profoundness and preciousness of friendship in life;


The exciting lottery draw brought the atmosphere of the party to a climax. Vice President Li Huajun will draw the biggest surprise prize tonight. Congratulations to this lucky little koi;


Finally, in the bright and rhythmic singing and dancing performance " Good time ", the party came to an end.


The whole party was wonderful, with climaxes one after another, winning rounds of applause from the audience, and the cheers were higher than the waves. The 2019 New Year Party for Chinese and Foreign Students at the Ocean University of China officially ended. This event showcased the customs of various countries in a colorful form, demonstrated the style and vitality of Chinese and foreign students, blended Chinese and foreign cultures, and increased Sino-foreign friendship. Everyone was immersed in the ocean of joy, laughed and laughed, and the meaning was still unfinished.

As the new year approaches, I wish you all a happy new year and all the best!

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