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The start of online classroom

Site News 2020 spring semester, international students, the Ocean University of China by the school schedule, schedule classes, online learning. Many international students have returned to their countries, and online learning has disadvantages such as time lag, inconsistent network, poor signal, etc. To enable students to start classes smoothly, the School of International Education promptly adjusted the requirements of the school and related departments such as the Graduate School and the Academic Affairs Office. Work arrangements are translated into Chinese and English versions according to student categories such as graduate students, undergraduate students in the same class, undergraduate students in separate classes, and language students, and notify each student; the Graduate School, Academic Affairs Office, and International Education College coordinate and coordinate accordingly. A group of tutors has been established to carry out teaching work using various teaching methods such as postal courseware, Bb platform, Rain Classroom, Tencent conference, WeChat exchange group, etc., to achieve orderly online teaching.

The Ocean Life College has established an international student tutor group to inform students of the school and college’s teaching work arrangements, course selection notices, course teaching methods, and contact information promptly. According to the course conditions, the teachers use various teaching methods such as the Bb platform, Rain Classroom, WeChat exchange group, etc. to carry out teaching work in an orderly manner.


Teacher Liu Xiaoshou of the School of Marine Life is using the Tencent conference platform to teach students

The teaching teacher of the Fisheries College establishes a WeChat group for the course class with all the students who choose the course and communicates with the students through the WeChat group to confirm the teaching method and release the teaching plan. To ensure the smooth progress of online teaching, teachers communicated with students in advance for trial lectures, and students responded well, ensuring the effect of online learning.


Teacher Dong Yunwei from the Fisheries College teaches the course "Experimental Ecology"

Teachers in the School of Management have established a working WeChat group to discuss the teaching format and content at any time, translate the login procedures for students, help students log in to the system, and prepare for the class; establish a course WeChat group for each course to introduce students to each course. As a teacher, the students' class atmosphere is harmonious and harmonious.


Teacher Deng Xiaohui from the School of Management is teaching

The Sinology Department of the School of Literature and Journalism is responsible for the teaching and arrangement of Chinese courses for international students in the school. Under the epidemic, all offline courses in all classes are converted to online courses. Director Wang Ying of the Sinology Department planned and deployed early, and formulated the whole school Teaching emergency plans for Chinese-related courses, do a good job of statistical work of student groups, establish class WeChat groups, and promptly guide students to prepare for online teaching; require teachers to make preparations for online teaching in advance, using Tencent conferences and Tang Feng Multiple online platforms such as Online and Dingding cooperate with WeChat groups to conduct lectures to ensure normal and effective learning, discussion, homework, Q&A, and interaction during online lectures.


Teacher Yu Yuanying of the School of Literature and Journalism is giving a reading class to students

Teacher Yang Yongquan from the School of Information Science and Engineering taught the course on database systems on the first day of the class. Before the class, he uploaded a PPT on how to use the Bb system for students to learn how to use the system proficiently. Teacher Yang feels that the atmosphere in the classroom is more enthusiastic than offline, and the students are very enthusiastic in asking questions and can get more feedback from the students.

AUSTIN MILES said after class that the effect of online learning was better than expected. The online course allows students to ask questions of the teacher and also provides smooth communication between the teacher and the student. The quality of the audio, video, and lectures are all very good. I feel that the online course is a success. . Pakistani graduate student ARIF MUHAMMAD said that he has been worried about the impact of the epidemic on his studies. After the online class started, his worries were relieved. He felt very good about the first online course experience.


Italian student Mathia class at home Congolese student Ma Jiaquan class at home


Ukrainian student Gu Yuqiao class at home Russian student Zhenya class at school

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