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The foreign students got excellent results in the speech contest

On November 18, the final of the China-Korea University Student Speech Contest hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, China-Korea Friendship Association, Korean Nationality Exchange Foundation, and Korea-China Friendship Association came to an end.

This competition attracted more than 100 contestants. After three months of competition, a total of 28 contestants entered the finals. Kong Jiongyu, a Korean student majoring in English at the School of Foreign Languages 2017, and Korea majoring in Tourism Management at the School of Management, 2019 Student Liang Su-Hyun participated in the competition and achieved excellent results. Among them, Kong Jiongyu won the second prize in the country and the first prize in Shandong Province, Liang Su-Hyun won the third prize in Shandong Province, and the Ocean University of China won the “Best Organization Award” in Shandong Division.

The China-Korea University Student Speech Contest mainly revolves around East Asian traditional culture and the development of friendly cooperation between China and South Korea. The theme of the contest is "No one is far away, no foreign country". It reflects the friendship between China and South Korea in cooperating to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic, expresses the feelings of the young people of the two countries in life under the epidemic, and expresses the young people's learning and living in the post-epidemic era. Thinking. Kong Jiongyu and Liang Su-Hyun gave impromptu speeches and talent performances on green environmental protection, East Asian traditional culture, and current hot topics common to China and South Korea.

The school is based on serving the overall situation of national diplomacy, serving the country’s "Strategy of a Powerful Ocean Country" and the "One Belt One Road" initiative, serving the construction of a first-class university, and is committed to cultivating international talents who know China and help China build China, and attach importance to various excellent cultures. The event is an opportunity to tell the Chinese story and spread the voice of China. The two award-winning students are representatives of outstanding international students cultivated by the school, who have international sentiments and are excellent in character and learning.

This competition also further deepened the respect, understanding, and mutual trust between the people of China and South Korea deepened the humanistic foundation and international friendship of China-South Korea cooperation, and encouraged China and South Korea to continue to work together to fight the epidemic.


Guests and contestants at the finals and awards ceremony of the China-Korea University Student Speech Contest


Our international students Liang Su-Hyun (1st row, No. 4) and Kong Jiongyu (4th row, No. 3) participated in the competition

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