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Accommodation and living facilities


International students can live in Peking University’s Shaoyuan and Zhongguanxinyuan International Student Dormitories. During the stay, please abide by relevant stay regulations. For international students who extend their study period, the school does not provide housing on campus.


International students can also stay off-campus, but they must go through the registration formalities at the police station where they live as required. I would like to remind everyone here that when staying off-campus, you must ensure that the source of housing information is reliable, the lease procedures are complete and legal, and the host of the lease permit must be filed at the local police station. You should also greet the local neighborhood committee. All in all, it is necessary to ensure that the entire renting procedure is complete, legal, and reliable.


Many students’ addresses and contact information will change during the study period. In this case, you must remember to inform the Liou Office of your new address, phone number, and E-mail in time, because Liou Office will often send important notices to international students. We need to contact you in an emergency. Only when we have accurate contact information can we maintain regular and smooth communication. When you have difficulties and problems, you can stay in the office to help you in time. The International Students Office will keep your contact information confidential.


In addition, the International Students Office will also provide you with some off-campus stay information. Students in need can go to the retention office for a consultation.

Living Facilities

Both Shaoyuan and Zhongguanxinyuan have restaurants for foreign students. International students can also dine in other student restaurants on campus. There are also many restaurants and fast-food restaurants around the campus, and the prices are a bit more expensive than the student restaurants on campus. There are Wumart Supermarket and Boshi Store on campus, where you can buy food and daily necessities. Most of the living service facilities are concentrated around the triangle. If you can't find it, you can look at the campus map.

Other service facilities in the school are also very complete. Hospitals, post offices, banks, bookstores, laundry shops, photo studios, stadiums, theaters (lecture halls), can meet most of the needs of life.

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