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Beijing Scholarship for Foreign Students

1. Project Description:

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission established and launched the "Beijing Scholarship for Foreign Students" in 2006, which is used for tuition subsidies to promote the internationalization of Beijing’s higher education; attract more outstanding high-level foreign students and scholars to study and engage in China Research activities; encourage outstanding students to continue their studies here; reward international students who are both good in character and academic and friendly to China.

Amount of funding received by Peking University in the past five years:
  2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Grant amount 300 300 330 390 390 390

2. Application form:

2.1 Non-Chinese citizens;
2.2 Did not receive any other forms of scholarship to fund tuition at the time of application;
2.3 Undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students of the applicant currently studying at Peking University;
2.4 No, fail in the required professional courses (applicable if you pass the re-study);
2.5 Applicants who register, pay tuition fees and go through visa residency procedures on time, have no moral impropriety, and have not violated relevant school management regulations; have not been punished by department or higher level or school discipline; have not violated Chinese laws, and have not been subjected to judicial departments or Punishment by public security organs.


3. Amount of funding:

This scholarship is a tuition subsidy category, divided into the full award, half award, and quarter award. Under the general tuition fee standard, the amount of each award is as follows:
Student category Full prize Half price Quarter prize
Undergraduate (Liberal Arts) 26000 13000 6500
Undergraduate (science) 30000 15000 7500
Master (Liberal Arts) 29000 14500 7250
Master (Science) 33000 16500 8250
Ph.D. (Liberal Arts) 32000 16000 8000
Ph.D. (science) 40000 20000 10000

4. Review process:

       1. Students submit application materials to the department
       2. The first review by the department, give recommendations and rankings and send them to the International Students Office (hereinafter referred to as the retention office)
       3. Preliminary evaluation of the Beijing Scholarship for Foreign Students review panel
       4. Announcement of preliminary evaluation results and accept appeals
       5. Announce the final list of winners

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