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Celebrate the Lantern Festival

Taurus is full of spring, beautiful lanterns from all over the world; people are reunited when the moon is full, and the five continents are like home.

The Year of the Ox ushered in the first full moon night, and the Shanghai Yuan Festival came as scheduled.

On February 26, the 2021 Peking University foreign students and foreign experts "Celebrate the Lantern Festival" event was held in the Student Shared Space in Building 5, Zhongguan Xinyuan, Peking University.

This event was co-organized by the International Students Office of Peking University International Cooperation Department and the Management Department of Zhongguan Xinyuan, Peking University Convention Center.

During the Lantern Festival, it will bring a cultural "family banquet" containing warmth and hope to foreign students, experts, and scholars on campus.



1. Event poster

On the day of the event, nearly 30 foreign students and experts from 15 countries and regions gathered early and looked forward to it in a joyous and peaceful festival atmosphere.

At 10:30 in the morning, traditional Lantern Festival activities such as rolling Lantern Festival, making lanterns, guessing lantern riddles, eating glutinous rice balls, wearing Hanfu, and tasting Beijing eight snacks gradually kicked off.

The leaders of the International Cooperation Department and Zhongguan Xinyuan also attended the event to "Celebrate the Lantern Festival" with the teachers and students.



The host warmly opened the opening explaining the customs of the Lantern Festival


The two hosts, Anzelika Smirnova from Latvia and Joseph Olivier Mendoo from Cameroon, visually presented the origins and traditional customs of the Lantern Festival through vivid text and video clips.

The event immediately entered the most anticipated experience session of "making glutinous rice balls" VS "rolling Lantern Festival" in the north and south.

The traditional food for the Lantern Festival is very different across China. For example, although Tangyuan and Yuanxiao are often confused, they have different methods.

At the event site, Xinyuan staff carefully prepared glutinous rice dumplings, glutinous rice balls and other materials, as well as making tools such as glutinous rice flour and sieves, based on full consideration of the food culture and habits of various countries.

Teachers and students were eager to try. "Bao Tangyuan" needs to round the glutinous rice balls, press out the nest, put the fillings, and use the "tiger's mouth" to round up again, and a glutinous rice ball is completed.

"Rolling Lantern Festival" means spraying water evenly on the round filling in the sieve and shaking it at a constant speed to roll out a uniform Lantern Festival. Shaking a sieve to round fillings is a technical skill.

Hwang Seon Mi from South Korea "rolled the Lantern Festival" for the first time, but it also looked like this. It attracted repeated praise from surrounding students and cafeteria chefs.



Chef Li Shuwu of Xinyuan explains the steps of the "Rolling Lantern Festival"



"Rolling Lantern Festival" experience area



"Bao Tangyuan" experience area


Making lanterns and viewing lanterns are the most festive and lively cultural activities of the Lantern Festival. Since ancient times, on the fifteenth of the first lunar month, red lights hang high on the streets and alleys, carrying the New Year's vision and blessings of every family.

Today, the ancient tenon-and-mortise structure is changing in the hands of foreign students and experts, exchanging colorful cultures and colliding new sparks.

Hands of various skin colors picked up the bamboo strips, set up the frame of the lantern, and carefully pasted the traditional paper-cuts and New Year pictures on the lantern paper.

The lanterns were gradually formed, reflecting the bright smiling faces of the teachers and students, and the atmosphere was warm and happy, like a family. Professor Graham from the United States and his wife Aera from South Korea "both husband and wife go into battle", two antique lanterns were released immediately, as the meaning of Lantern Festival reunion.



Professor Graham and his wife Aera lantern display



Assistant classmates instruct foreign students to make lanterns





2. Lantern Achievement Display

Guessing lantern riddles is another traditional repertoire of the Lantern Festival. The red lantern is raised high, and the "mystery face", "mystery eye" and "mystery answer" are combined into one, and a lantern riddle is formed. "January 1st is not today (mysterious face), type a word (mysterious item)", many students blurted out the answer.

After guessing the fun place, some students guessed ten correctly in a row, and returned from the prize exchange office with a full load.

The puzzles of lantern riddles include Chinese characters, idioms, astronomical names, etc. Students and teachers from all over the world feel the fun of the festive season, and they also deepen their experience and insights on Chinese characters and idioms in lantern riddles.



3.Guess the riddle

The ancients said that the beauty of Hanfu is called Hua. Curvy, straight, short skirts, round-neck robes, Hanfu embodies the classic, subtle, and light beauty of Chinese clothing to the fullest.

The international students put on beautiful Hanfu learned to imitate the etiquette and posture of the ancients and felt the beautiful and antique Chinese charm.



Students from Hanfu Club instruct foreign teachers and students to wear Hanfu



4. Hanfu Group Photo

While gathering to make lanterns, wearing Hanfu, and guessing lantern riddles, glutinous rice balls boiled in boiling water and Lantern Festival fried in hot oil have been quietly put on the table.

The staff of the Management Department of Zhongguan Xinyuan also carefully prepared Beijing’s traditional snacks "Eight Pieces"-donkey roll, Aiwowo, fried creak, pea yellow a dazzling array, everyone shared the deliciousness and joy like a family.





5. Share delicious and joy

The "Golden Bull's Spring Festival", the 2021 Peking University foreign students and foreign experts "Celebrate the Lantern Festival" event came to an end with laughter and laughter.

During the reunion festival, the lights of thousands of families were diminished, and when the spring started, Liu Shangyue was so beautiful. Dou Piao pointed out that the world is full of spring.

Foreign students and experts in a foreign land gathered to celebrate the Lantern Festival, to appreciate the sincere friendship of "one family from all over the world", to light up the light of hope in their hearts and sow the good wishes of returning to the earth in spring.



Activity photo

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