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Chinese Government Scholarship 

To enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and the people of other countries, and to develop exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries in the fields of politics, economy, culture, education, economy, and trade, the Chinese government has established a series of scholarship programs to support outstanding students from all over the world. , Scholars go-to Chinese universities to study, study and engage in research activities. The Ministry of Education of China has entrusted the China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as the "NSFC") to be responsible for the enrollment of Chinese government scholarship students and the management of their affairs in China.

The Chinese Government Scholarship mainly includes the following projects:

1. Country-specific bilateral projects

Full scholarship or partial scholarship is provided by educational cooperation and exchange agreements or consensus reached between China and relevant governments, institutions, schools, and international organizations.


2. China-EU Student Exchange Program

The full scholarship provided to students from EU member states aims to encourage students from EU member states to study and conduct research in China, and to enhance mutual understanding and exchanges.


3. China-AUN Scholarship Program

The full scholarship provided to ASEAN University Organization (AUN) aims to encourage young students, teachers, and scholars from ASEAN member countries to study and exchange in China, and to enhance mutual understanding and friendship.


4. Independent enrollment project of Chinese universities

Beginning in 2008, the Ministry of Education has allocated Chinese government scholarships to some universities every year, entrusting universities as the enrollment unit of Chinese government scholarships, and universities can independently award graduate scholarship qualifications to international students.

Scholarship name

application time

Project acceptance department

Application category

Scholarship content

Country-specific bilateral projects

Generally1The beginning of the month4At the beginning of the month (the specific time is subject to the time specified by the foreign acceptance department)

Dispatch Department of International Students in Home Country

Undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students, general scholars, and senior scholars

Full scholarship and partial scholarship

China-EU Student Exchange Program

Education and Cultural Office of the Chinese Mission to the European Union

Undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students, general scholars, and senior scholars

Full scholarship



Master and Ph.D. students

Full scholarship

Chinese University Graduate Project

The application time of our school is 3—4 month

Peking University International Students Office

Master and Ph.D. students

Full scholarship

In recent years, with the continuous development of the career of international students in China, Chinese government scholarships have also continued to expand. At present, the sub-projects undertaken by our school also include the Sino-US Humanities Exchange Scholarship project, the Sino-Russian Humanities Exchange Scholarship project, and the public policy of developing countries. Master's project, Asian campus project, high-end master's project of the Ministry of Education, etc.

Funding content

1. Full scholarship includes the following contents:

  • Exemption of tuition (partial projects are subject to tuition difference)
  • During the study period, free accommodation in Building No. 5 of Zhongguan New Garden is provided: doctoral students are in single rooms, and the other types of students are in double rooms. (Doctoral students from other universities who come to Peking University as senior advanced students can enjoy double room treatment)
  • Provide a scholarship for living expenses
Student category
Standard of living expenses (RMB/ month)
2500 yuan
Master's degree students, general scholars
3000 yuan
Doctoral students, senior scholars
3500 yuan
  • Provide comprehensive medical insurance for Chinese government scholarships for international students in China;


2. Part of the scholarship is one or more of the above-mentioned benefits.

Language Requirements

Chinese government scholarship students whose Chinese level does not meet the Chinese language teaching requirements of our school should take Chinese tuition in the school of Chinese as a foreign language education of our school or the institution designated by the China Scholarship Council of China within the time limit specified in the admission notice.

Every spring semester (5months), the International Students Office will organize interviews for Chinese tuition students. Only those students who have passed the examination can start their professional studies. Students who fail to meet the Language Requirements within the prescribed time limit must extend the Chinese language tuition period or choose to transfer to another school.

Scholarship students who choose an English-taught project do not need to participate in Chinese tuition.

Relevant management regulations

Scholarship registration

At the beginning of each academic year (before 9month15), Chinese government scholarship students of our school should register at the International Students Office within the specified time, otherwise, their scholarship eligibility will be directly affected.

Chinese government scholarship students who enjoy living expenses should register as required every month to receive the living expenses of the current month smoothly. Those who cannot register on time due to special reasons should go through the leave procedures in advance (fill in the "Chinese Government Scholarship Leave Form", signed by the tutor, stamped by the department, and submitted to the International Students Office in advance), and can receive the living expenses normally after review and approval. The registration arrangements for winter and summer vacations are subject to notice from the International Students Office.

Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship

According to the Chinese government scholarship management regulations, international students who enjoy Chinese government scholarships must participate in and pass the annual scholarship review, and those who pass the review can continue to enjoy the scholarship treatment for the next year. The annual review generally starts in 4 months, and the content of the review includes academic performance, learning attitude, attendance, behavior, rewards and punishments, etc.

Those who fail the scholarship review will stop the scholarship for one year or cancel the scholarship qualification.

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