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Peking University Dining Information

When you first enter the Yanyuan, your life has a new beginning. Life is inseparable from food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Peking University not only provides a good academic atmosphere for everyone but also creates a warm and comfortable living environment for everyone. Here is a brief introduction to the dining situation of Peking University, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Overview

Peking University canteens are mainly distributed in the living area and the connecting section between the living area and the teaching building. Generally speaking, the quality of the food is good. Since the vegetables are basically from the school’s vegetable base, the quality and price are relatively satisfactory to the students. In addition, each canteen has economic dishes, each ranging from 0.5 to 1.0 yuan; the first and second floors of the farm and the Yannan canteen provide free soup for everyone.

The cafeterias of Peking University are open for three periods of time, morning, afternoon, and evening. Breakfast for Xueyi, Yiyuan, Yannan, and Xuewu is generally from 6:30 to 8:30. Boshi will serve steamed buns and soy milk in the morning. The opening hours of other restaurants are mentioned in the specific introduction of the restaurant.

2. Introduction to the cafeterias on campus

(1) Farm

As the largest canteen of Peking University and located at the intersection of various teaching buildings, the farm is very popular among students. The canteen is divided into three floors.
The first floor is self-service consumption, choose food according to your own preferences, and then check out at the exit. The variety of food here is dazzling, there are stir-fried dishes, noodles, cold dishes, etc. to choose from.
On the second floor is the flavor restaurant. 14 stalls provide representative food in traditional Chinese flavors, as well as special foods such as fried skewers, noodles, and pot rice. In addition to Tong Yuan, Muslim students can eat at the halal window on the second floor of the farm.
The third floor is the banquet hall.
The farm dishes taste good, and the price belongs to the more expensive one among the cafeterias. Since the farm is close to the second education, the dining time is relatively crowded.

(2) Xueyi Canteen

The Xueyi Canteen is close to the dormitory and is equipped with a TV. There are many kinds of dishes and flowers, and they are basically home-cooked dishes. Small stir-fries, pastries, and pasta are also commendable. The price of Xueyi’s dishes is relatively low in the cafeterias, and the dishes in the economic dishes window are very cheap, basically around one piece. The amount of dishes in the first school is relatively large, and generally, girls can eat half a serving. There are a lot of seats to learn, but due to the high-cost performance, the meal time is not long, and the meal peak is often overcrowded.

(3) Art Garden

Yiyuan’s vegetarian dishes are a highlight, including shredded potatoes, shredded bamboo shoots, tofu, and vegetarian meatballs. Among them, shredded potatoes have also won the title of "Most Popular Dishes". In addition, there are fried rice, small stir-fry, noodles, dim sum, cold dishes, lo-mei, etc. Fried rice and dim sum are especially recommended. The prices of Yiyuan’s dishes are moderate.


(4) Pasta Department

The pasta department sells a wide range of pasta. You can taste a lot of well-known pasta here. They are served uninterruptedly and open for a long time. It is an ideal place for students who wake up in the morning and return late in the evening. Breakfast is served in the pasta department. The variety is very rich, including chicken soup wontons, xiaolongbao, and other special breakfasts. The specialty of the noodle department is, of course, noodles. Ramen and cut noodles are classics in the noodle department. The pasta department is very small, with dense seating arrangements, and there are often long queues during peak meals.


(5) Pinewood

Songlin is a relatively young canteen, mainly selling steamed buns and porridge. The steamed buns and porridge are exquisite, and they are good choices for breakfast. The three-ding buns and the green cabbage buns have won widespread praise. The place is small, but the environment is good.


(6) Yannan and Yannan cuisine

Yannan has obvious geographical advantages. It is located at the intersection of the library, philosophy building, Guanghua building, and lecture hall, so there are often more people. Yannan is divided into two floors. The first floor mainly sells meals, and the second floor is filled with seats. Yannan focuses on local flavors, and also has a variety of home-cooked classics, pasta, fried rice, cold dishes, etc. You can also order meals. Signature dishes include spicy chicken wings, fried rice cakes, potstickers, etc.
To alleviate the tension in the school canteen, the Yannan Underground Restaurant, which used to be cash-consuming, was also turned into an ordinary student canteen and was renamed "Yannan Cuisine." Yannan Gourmet is located on the south side of Yannan, opposite Poxingdi Coffee, on the basement floor of the Centennial Lecture Hall. The dishes and prices are similar to those of Yannan.


(7) "Little White Room"

The Xiaobaifang near Xueyi is a temporary food selling window around the main canteen of Peking University. The food sold during the dining time is the same as in the canteen. At other times, snacks such as hand-picked cakes, pancakes, spicy tangs, and skewers are sold. Their business hours are usually late, so they are a good place for everyone to fill their stomachs at night. There is also a canteen near Xuewu that can be called Xiaobaifang, and the food served is similar. The specialty food is Niu Xuan Jiang Jiang Xiang Bing. There is also a small white room next to 34A.


(8) Xuewu Canteen

It is located to the north of the Yiyuan Garden, to the west of the Big Bathhouse, and the nearest dormitory area to the west. Breakfast is provided. The first floor is transformed from the original Compass, offering special foods such as chicken drumstick rice, burgers, and so on. In addition to the dining area on the second floor, there is a Heliwu fast food restaurant. The fast-food quality is good, but the price is slightly more expensive than other canteens. There is a large open space in front of the fifth gate, and it is more convenient to park the bicycle.


(9) Shaoyuan Canteen

Taoyuan Canteen is located in the original Shaoyuan No. 2 building, including two floors above ground and one basement. Among them, the basement floor is the back kitchen processing room, the ground floor is the basic student dining hall, and the second floor is the local flavor and teacher's dining room. There are more than 800 seats in the dining hall. Recommend the large plate of chicken and simmered noodles provided by the pasta window on the second floor of Taoyuan.


(10) Tong Yuan (Muslim Restaurant)

Tong Yuan is a halal canteen with a quiet environment and many snacks for supper. Tong Yuan is a canteen that only provides meals for Muslim students. Muslim students need to apply for a special meal card. Three meals a year, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided. The staple food has a fixed menu. The dishes are changed every day, but the styles are relatively small. Every year on traditional Muslim festivals, Tongyuan Canteen also organizes some activities for Muslim teachers and students on campus.


(11) Other

There are also restaurants in the Zhengda International Center, restaurants on the second floor of the Yiyuan Garden, and the third floor of the Nongyuan Garden. You can dine in cash.


3. Introduction to off-campus dining

(1) Food near the school

"Changchunyuan Food Street" has many shops to feast on, and there is also a place where everyone can eat out from the southeast gate near Wudaokou. Students who like to taste food can find strategies in the food version of the unnamed BBS.

(2) Halal restaurants off-campus

Closer is the Xinjiang Islamic Restaurant of the Xinjiang Office in Beijing of Haidian District, the Xiyu Restaurant of Xinjiang Office, the Hongbin Building of Haidian Street, and the Halal Food Court of the Xinjiang Office of Bazhou in Beijing.


4. Coffee shop

There are four cafes in the school, in Poxingdi near Yannan Canteen, the most beautiful time (teacher-student relationship) on the north side of the 31st floor, and Dashu Coffee in the new law building, located on the first floor of Building 1, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University Coffee shop. You can set up a member card in Poxing. These two places are more suitable for group meetings.
You can experience the Shangdao Coffee outside the school, the Yiyunxuan Tea House in the Food Street, the Saint Moore Coffee, the Garden Coffee, and the Gemini outside the West Gate.

5. Opinion Book and Canteen Supervision

Each canteen has an opinion book. If you encounter unfairness and injustice in your daily life, you can contact the Student Union's Rights and Interests Department:

(1) Send an email to

(2) Log in to the unnamed BBS and send a letter from the station to quanyi

(3) Contact the cafeteria supervisor (BBS public ID: STJDY)

The contact information of the supervisor can be found on the canteen promotion board or the top post on the pku_suggest page of the BBS.

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