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Carry out entrance education activities

In order to enhance the understanding of the school history of Peking University, Chinese history and culture, laws and regulations for 2020 foreign students, and help students integrate and adapt to the life of studying in Peking University as soon as possible

The International Students Office conducts a series of admission education through a combination of online and offline methods activity.

As one of the highlights, the freshman training camp for freshmen who have arrived in Yanyuan has been successfully launched a few days ago.


1. Paying fire: experience with warm inheritance

On September 15th, the sudden autumn rain in the afternoon cleared the heat of the days and sent a bit of coolness. Accompanied by the sound of rain, Peking University's 2020 international students' admission education experience sharing and ice-breaking activity officially started in the Second Education 105.

The relevant person in charge of the International Students Office was present to share the joy of offline gathering with the students, hoping to help the students smoothly integrate into the big family of international students through experience sharing and ice-breaking activities as soon as possible.

The event was hosted by the Cameroonian Ph.D. student Mendu of the School of International Relations and the Malaysian undergraduate Li Wanting of the Chinese Department.



2. Host opening introduction

Entrance education is based on the image of "high in the sky and flowing clouds", which means that students come to China from all over the world, grow up and become talents at Peking University, and then go all over the world to contribute to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Just as the waters of the four seas gather into clouds, and also transform the rain to moisturize all things on the five continents. Based on this, undergraduate freshmen are divided into five classes: "high", "tian", "Shang", "Liu", and "cloud", as well as two classes for graduate students, "warming" and "boy".

Senior students are selected as the classmates of each class. Student counselor. After a brief self-introduction, the counselors welcomed the students to join the Yanyuan international family and expressed that they would actively provide help and guidance to help the students adapt to the new environment as soon as possible.



3. Student counselor self-introduction

As soon as the opening video "What kind of experience is living in Peking University" was played, it caused bursts of laughter among the students. From busy days to quiet nights, from colorful clubs to quiet classrooms, from history and humanities to natural sciences, from discovering oneself to knowing the world, every minute in Peking University, the students are constantly moving forward and exploring in joy and sweat. Endless possibilities.

Afterward, 7 student counselor representatives shared their experiences. Cao Zhuoxing, a Venezuelan undergraduate student in the Chinese Department of the 19th grade, suggested that new students pay attention to their mental health in the process of trying to adapt to the change of identity and relieve depression and anxiety by talking to friends and relatives.

He also suggested that new students strengthen self-management, plan their studies in advance, and actively expand their circle of friends.

Luo Ming, a 17-level Afghan doctoral student of the School of International Relations, cited Mr. Cai Yuanpei's "complete personality, first in sports", emphasized the importance of participating in sports, and introduced the campus sports locations and sports clubs in detail.

Abe Mika, a Japanese undergraduate student in the Chinese Department of 18, recommended to the students the places to eat, drink and play in Beijing and their characteristics, and encourage the freshmen to enrich their after-school life and actively integrate into Chinese culture.

Later, the 20th-grade Chadian doctoral student Thomas of the School of International Relations used "University" as a reference and based on his undergraduate study experience at Peking University to encourage students to lay a solid foundation, cultivate their abilities, and keep their original intentions in mind during the journey of studying and cultivating morality. Face possible difficulties and challenges with an independent and confident attitude.

Two 18-level undergraduates from the Chinese Department-Xin Zhijuan from South Korea and Chen Zhixuan from Thailand gave specific introductions to the teaching plan and course selection skills.

Finally, Li Genmin, a 19th-grade Korean undergraduate of the Chinese Department, talked about the system and content of student work in the department and shared his harvest and help from the Sports Department of the Student Union.



Counselors share experience



4. Classmates listen carefully

The experience sharing prepared by the seniors and sisters has greatly benefited the new students. The students said that not only the hard-core dry goods they are in need but also all aspects of their curiosity.

Tomoya Kobayashi from Japan said that the freshman training camp dispelled his previous tension and panic about university campus life, and made him look forward to starting a journey of exploration and creation at Peking University and becoming a better self, and Chen from Canada Jiamei commented that the content of the experience sharing was "very sufficient and detailed, and it made me feel the serious attitude of every student of Peking University to everything."


5. Icebreaker: No one is an island

The enthusiasm and kindness from teachers and classmates dilute the initial loneliness and helplessness and also dispels the haze and autumn coolness. When the rain passes and the sun shines on the earth, all strangeness and distance are completely melted away. On the afternoon of the 15th, the freshmen gathered at the No. 1 Gymnasium under Boyata for an ice-breaking game.

Each group first formed a circle. After massaging the shoulders of the students on the left and the right, the students gradually broke down and became familiar with the students around them.

The first game is a hand-in-hand hula hoop. With the passing of the hula hoop, the students' cooperation has changed from blunt to proficient. In helping each other and communicating and joking, the sense of isolation caused by differences in the cultural background disappeared.

As for the second question, you draw me guess. Although the words full of Chinese flavor make the game difficult, the constant re-creation in body language transmission, brain-opening guesses, and the sudden realization of the mystery also made everyone laugh.

Endlessly, sighed at the whimsy of his companions. In the warm atmosphere, the new classmates continued to bring each other a sense of security from knowing each other to getting acquainted with each other.



6. Icebreaker

In the subsequent cooperative painting session, a piece of white paper with infinite possibilities plus the collision of ideas between students, the blending of colors, the personality, and commonality were perfectly embodied.

Either hobby, or food, or symbolizing the place of origin, or implying wishes, distinct personal elements come together, but it is unexpected harmony.

The "Wei Ming" and "Bo Ya" groups wrote their respective country names on the Tai Chi map, which means that students from all over the world can achieve harmony in China's inclusive yin and yang balance; in another painting, the students draw on the earth The landmarks and a connected railway not only show the students’ deep understanding of the community of shared future for mankind but also the positive role of the “Belt and Road” initiative in global cooperation.

In other paintings, the artistic watercolor lines are intertwined vertically and horizontally on the white paper and finally come together in one place, implying that students from different cultural backgrounds gather in Peking University and write their own lives here.

This is not only compatible with Peking University’s inclusive characteristics, but also The students' interpretation and extension of the spirit of Peking University.

The "Tian" group used the word "PKU" with stretched trunks and added various branches and leaves. The students were rooted in the fertile academic soil of Peking University, trying to absorb knowledge and nutrients to realize their dream and vision.



Tai Chi Country Map of the "Unnamed" and "Boya" Groups



Students explain their work




7. Classmates' paintings

The students gradually became familiar with the ice-breaking session. Not only did they make new partners, but they also looked forward to their future studies and life.

Maki Fukugawa, a Japanese undergraduate freshman from the School of Journalism and Communication, summed up her feelings on her first day at Peking University with "home-like warmth", and hopes that she will be able to discern carefully under the influence of Peking University's sentiments in the future, and live up to the term "Peking University". 

Alyssa Watanabe, a Japanese freshman from the School of Information Science and Technology, also said, "The joy and warmth brought by the event have taken root in our hearts like a seed, and I believe it will eventually grow into a towering tree."


8. Preliminary study: from stranger to host

On the morning of September 16, the freshmen studying abroad followed the different routes of each group and under the guidance of the instructor, they visited this garden that made their dreams come true.

From the majestic century-old lecture hall to the quiet and classical red building, from the library with a new look to the rigorous and simple teaching building, from the energetic May Fourth Stadium to the radiant Weiming Lake, all the way is filled with students’ love. Cheers and laughter.

The beauty of Yanyuan is the fusion of beauty. From the Nanmen express delivery point to the underground supermarket on the 29th floor, from various canteens to coffee shops, the beauty of Yanyuan is also homely and homely.

The students walked slowly in the park. Under the guidance of the instructor, they learned about the history of the building and were familiar with the location and function.

Looking back on the room, it seems that the ups and downs in the century-old history can be seen. When looking forward, they also imagine their future. This garden is so vast, it is enough to tolerate youth and fleeting years, and it is also enough to be the starting point for looking at the world and setting sail for dreams.




9. Students visit Weiming Lake

"The vibrant students and beautiful campus awakened my enthusiasm for the first time this year," said Liang Shiqian, a freshman in the 20th grade. Since the outbreak of the epidemic this year, many students have been in isolation at home, and everything around them seems to be off track.

In Yanyuan, the students regained their long-lost passion and vitality. Joe Ali from Argentina said, "I hope that four years later, I can also be full of hope and keep my original intention to move towards my pure dream."

While the offline training camp for freshmen is being carried out smoothly, enrollment education in the cloud is also being carried out simultaneously. With the help of online platforms such as Yanyun Live, the International Students Office has carefully compiled documents such as course descriptions, library search guides, and study abroad guides to help students start their study abroad life.

At the same time, a series of lectures on Chinese history and culture has been set up. Improve students' understanding of "Second Hometown". In addition, the office also combed and shared electronic resources that introduced the beautiful scenery and character stories of Peking University to make up for the regret of not being able to come to the school due to the epidemic, and sent the cares and thoughts from Yanyuan across time and space.

The gate of the school has been opened, and the boy is just now. As new members of the international Peking University family, the new international students will continue to explore their infinite possibilities at Peking University.

In the next arrangement, the students will listen to the report meeting of the model of the times, establish a preliminary personal career plan, and plant the seeds for the realization of their dreams; they will also release the passion and pride of youth in the physical and mental workshops and the first run of the school. Set sail and ride the wind and waves at the new starting point of life.

At present, Peking University is striding forward on the journey of "double first-class" construction. The school adheres to the international development philosophy of innovation, leadership, openness, uniqueness, diversity, and shaping, and is committed to fostering innovations with Peking University's heritage, Chinese feelings, and an international vision for the world.

Leading talents, actively constructing an international intellectual highland and academic community, and extensively nurturing new knowledge, new ideas, and new technologies that promote the continuous advancement of human civilization.

The unnamed lake can contain hundreds of rivers. No matter where it comes from, Peking University will accept every person from Peking University in the name of home; the top of Boya Tower can pick up stars. No matter where it goes, Peking University will go all out to fly every dream.

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