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International Undergraduate written test free program

The Written Examination Exemption Program for Foreign Undergraduates (hereinafter referred to as the "Written Examination Exemption Program") is one of the important enrollment channels for foreign undergraduates of Peking University. Students with relevant internationally accepted university entrance examination scores that meet the requirements can be exempted from the entrance examination assessment link and directly Enter the re-examination assessment link. The project aims to expand diversified enrollment channels, recruit high-quality international students to study at Peking University, and cultivate innovative and leading talents with Peking University heritage, Chinese feelings, and international perspectives for the world.

The duration of undergraduate study for foreign students at Peking University is 4-6 years. Those who complete the content specified in the teaching plan and pass the graduation thesis defense will receive a graduation certificate. Those who meet the requirements for a bachelor's degree will be awarded a bachelor's degree.


(1) Eligibility for application

1. In principle, it is required to be between 18 and 25 years old (calculated from September 1, 2003), in good health, with a high school diploma or above, in line with the relevant provisions of the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China, and holding a valid foreign passport Non-Chinese citizens.


2. According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, residents of Mainland China (Mainland), Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan who apply as foreign students after immigrating to a foreign country must hold a valid foreign passport or Nationality certificate, and have a certificate of cancellation of Chinese nationality, and have a record of actually living abroad for more than 2 years from April 30, 2017, to April 30, 2021 (actually living abroad for 9 or more in a year) The month can be calculated as one year, subject to entry and exit signatures).


3. According to the Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China and the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, if both or one of the parents are Chinese citizens and settled in a foreign country if the person has foreign nationality at birth, he does not have Chinese nationality. Starting from 2021, their application as an international student to enter the undergraduate level of our colleges and universities, in addition to meeting the school’s other registration qualifications, must also hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate before April 30, 2017, and Have a record of actual residence in a foreign country for more than 2 years between April 30, 2017, and April 30, 2021 (The actual residence in a foreign country for 9 months in a year can be calculated as one year, with entry and exit signatures Prevail).


4. Have the relevant international university entrance examination scores that meet the requirements. SAT, IB, A-level, or ACT scores should meet one of them. See the table below for details.

Exam category





Standardized test score requirements

The total score of SATI is 1400 (inclusive) and above, and writing is required; in addition, three-course test scores must be provided, both SAT II and AP courses are acceptable, and the subjects must not be similar or the same.

The SATII score should be 650 (inclusive) or more, and the AP score should be 4 (inclusive) or more (Code 7731)

To obtain the IB Diploma, the courses taken must be related to the major you are applying for, at least three HL course exam scores, with a total score of 36 points or more (inclusive)

The courses taken must be related to the major you are applying for, with at least three-course exam results. One of the courses should be above A (inclusive), and the other two courses should be above B (inclusive)

The total score is more than 30 points (inclusive), and writing is required

Chinese proficiency requirements

HSK level 6 with a score of 210 (inclusive) or more

HSK level 6 with a score of 210 (inclusive) or more or Chinese HL course with a score of 6 (inclusive) or more

HSK level 6 with a score of 210 (inclusive) or more or a Chinese course test score above A (inclusive)

HSK level 6 with a score of 210 (inclusive) or more


The language course scores of SATII, AP, and A-Level are for reference only and will not be counted in the application scores

Applicants from Guanghua School of Management, School of Economics, and Faculty of Science and Engineering must provide scores in mathematics courses


(2) Application materials

1. "Peking University Foreign Students Undergraduate Admission Application Form" (download and print after online registration), the application form must be affixed with a 2-inch white background color passport-free photo;

2. Full-time high school graduation documents (new graduates can first provide the expected graduation certificate), which must be original or notarized, and the language is Chinese or English;

3. SAT/AP/IB/A-level/ACT score report or estimated score report that meets the requirements for exemption of written test;

4. All courses and transcripts of high school must be original or notarized copies, and the language should be Chinese or English;

5. Two written recommendation letters, which must be original in Chinese or English;

6. Personal statement;

7. A copy of the passport, the passport must be an ordinary passport within the validity period;

8. Award certificate and relevant supporting materials (if any);

9. The birth certificate and the nationality identification documents of both parents at the time of the applicant's birth, including the certificate of permanent residence abroad that has been obtained;

10. Other supplementary materials required by Peking University;

11. "Peking University Foreign Student Undergraduate Admissions Application Commitment Letter", candidates must upload the PDF version of the commitment letter clearly and filled out by themselves and signed by their handwriting, together with other application materials, to the online application system (www., applications without a letter of commitment will not be accepted.


(3) Application method

1. Online application

In 2021, there will be two enrollment batches for the Written Exemption Program. The students themselves log in to the online registration system for foreign students of Peking University (website:, select the degree program-undergraduate program without written examination, fill in the application information and upload relevant materials within the required time of the corresponding batch.

The first batch: The online registration system will be opened on November 2, 2020, and closed on November 22, 2020. November 22, 2020 is the deadline for accepting new applications, subject to the time of first submission;

Second batch: The online registration system will be opened on January 1, 2021, and closed on March 2, 2021. March 2, 2021, is the deadline for accepting new applications, subject to the time of the first submission.

In principle, the review results can be inquired within 1-10 working days after the application is submitted, and the application form can be printed out and the registration fee can be paid after the preliminary review is passed.


2. Mail the paper application materials

Paper version of the application materials can only be sent by post, and on-site submission is not acceptable. Applicants shall mail all the application materials in hard copy according to the corresponding batch time requirements.

The first batch: November 9 to November 22, 2020;

The second batch: March 1 to March 9, 2021.

The mailing time is subject to the postmark time sent by the local post office. To ensure timely delivery of materials, China Post EMS or SF Express must be used for domestic mail. See the contact information of the International Students Office for the mailing address.

The application materials will not be returned after mailing.


3. Re-examination for admission

Peking University organizes experts to review the application materials, and those who pass will be eligible for the re-examination. Re-examination assessment time:

The first batch: December 2020;

Second batch: April 2021.

The specific arrangements will be notified separately.


4. Admission

Those who pass the application materials and retest will be admitted by the school. The admission materials will be distributed in June 2021. After admission, the school will review the applicant's information and materials. If there is any violation or fraud, the admission qualification will be canceled immediately upon verification. Admission results can be inquired through the online registration system.


5. Entrance

In September 2021, students will enter the journal with the admission notice and other relevant materials. The specific time and arrangement are subject to the registration notice.


(4) Admissions colleges and departments

See the enrollment catalog for details (click the link)


(5) Related expenses

1. Application fee. 800 yuan. Applicants must pay the application fee before mailing the application materials. The application fee is non-refundable. If the application materials are incomplete or the application fee has not been paid, the application will not be accepted.

2. Tuition fees. Science: 30,000 yuan/academic year; liberal arts: 26,000 yuan/academic year.

Application fees and tuition fees can only be paid in RMB in cash, UnionPay cards, and online. Cash in other currencies and traveler’s checks and other payment methods are not accepted.


(6) Scholarships for foreign students

Foreign students of Peking University can apply for Peking University Scholarships for Foreign Students and Beijing Scholarships for Foreign Students before enrollment. The funding period is one year. The Peking University Scholarship for International Students includes tuition, 2,000 RMB/month of living expenses, and medical insurance; the Beijing Scholarship for Foreign Students provides full or partial tuition. Scholarship applications are open in the spring semester of 2021. For specific application methods, please follow the relevant notice on the website of the International Students Office.


(7) Medical insurance

According to relevant regulations, international students in China must purchase medical insurance from domestic insurance companies. International students can complete online purchases before registering, or on-site purchases on the day of registration. The school will not apply for registration if there is no medical insurance that meets the requirements.


(8) Accommodation

Peking University has international student dormitories of different specifications and conditions. Zhongguan Xinyuan dormitory consultation telephone: 86-10-62752288; Shaoyuan dormitory consultation telephone: +86-10-62752218.

Non-Chinese government scholarship students need to arrange their own accommodation during their study abroad. If you live in an off-campus residential residence, you must go to the local public security agency to register for accommodation within 24 hours of check-in.


(9) Visa

Admitted students must present the "Admission Notice" and "Application Form for Study Visa in China (JW201/202)" to Chinese embassies and consulates abroad to apply for an X1 visa to come to China. Within 30 days after arriving in China, the X1 visa must be converted into a residence permit for study.


(10) Contact Information of International Students Office

Mailing address: Room 329, New Sun Student Center, Peking University, Beijing, China

Postal Code: 100871

Phone: (86-10)-62751230

Fax: (86-10)-62751233


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