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Organized outdoor night crawl

On March 7th, the sun was warm, and the peach blossoms in spring. At the beginning of the new semester, the Outdoor Fitness Association of Peking University (TOEAPU) organized a special outdoor night crawl to celebrate the 111th "March 8" International Women's Day.


This crossing starts from the Xiangshan Post Office, passes through Hangjia Tower, New Wangjing Tower, Keleyu (also known as Keqinyu), the highest point of Xiaoxishan, and finally reaches Sanjiadian Reservoir. The whole journey is 16 kilometers and the altitude climbs more than 700 meters.


It is a classic Outdoor crossing route. At 3 pm on March 7th, the 71-person trekking team was assembled and boarded, and set off. After the vehicle arrived at the Xiangshan Post Office, all the members after a trek for more than 4 hours, arrived at the end of the crossing Sanjiadian Reservoir at 8 pm and returned by car. From 3 to 8 o'clock, the plan to celebrate the "March 8" International Women's Day was perfectly completed.


This night climbing is a special event to welcome the "March 8th" International Women's Day. The association highlights the warm and caring, thoughtful arrangements for each link, and caring and encouragement along the way. Chairman Yang Lijiang coordinated the organization. Vice-chairmen Dawei and Boya escorted the team members throughout the process. Junwei, Yan Jun, and Shen Tian also took the initiative to serve as volunteers. Sufficient preparation has made many members feel very warm and relieved when they are walking the mountain night road for the first time.


After reaching the highest point of the whole journey, the new Wangjing Tower, the female members received a special holiday gift "Starlight Roses", and they took on "flashing cartoon hair bands" as "flower protectors" along the way. As night falls, the gleaming flowers and headwear illuminate the mountain road at your feet, and the fluorescent dots bring more fun to the downhill journey while also adding a guarantee of safety.


Outdoors at Peking University, health and love. In the new semester, Peking University Faculty and Staff Outdoor Fitness Association will continue to condense the development concept of "healthy campus, sports first", with the purpose of serving faculty and staff, and using outdoor fitness to promote the health of faculty and staff, improve the quality of life, and improve the quality of life, So that the faculty and staff can devote themselves to teaching, scientific research, management and other undertakings with full emotion, positive attitude, and healthy physique.



The breath of early spring



The mountains and mountains have a vast view



Our team



Bright night scene 



Successfully climbed to the top



Send you a rose across the route 



Go Peking University! 

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