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Peking University International Student Scholarship

"Peking University International Student Scholarship" is a subsidized scholarship established by Peking University in 2012, aiming to attract more outstanding foreign students to Peking University to study for bachelor's, masters, and doctoral degrees.

1. Scholarship content

The scholarship is divided into two types: full scholarship and partial scholarship. Full scholarships include exemption of tuition fees, provision of living expenses (including accommodation subsidies), and medical insurance. Some scholarships include exemption of tuition fees.


2. Living expenses standard for the full scholarship

Undergraduates: 2000 RMB / month;

Master's degree students: 2500 RMB / month;

Doctoral students: 3000 RMB / month.


3. Scholarship period

Undergraduate: 1 year;

Master's degree students: 2-3 years;

Doctoral students: 4 years;

Continuous Master and Ph.D. students: 5 years.


4. Application form

Applicants must be undergraduates, graduate students, and doctoral students (including graduate students and doctoral students) who have obtained the admission qualifications for foreign students at Peking University and have not received any other forms of scholarship funding.

New graduate students studying for professional degrees, cooperative programs, and English-taught programs of Peking University are not eligible to apply.

Application time: generally in the 3-4 months of each year.

Please refer to the information published on the official website of Peking University International Students Office


5. Selection process


Students submit application materials to the International Students Office


Review team review and evaluation


Submit to the principal for approval


Announce the final list of winners

Students who receive this scholarship must participate in the annual comprehensive assessment of the scholarship in April each year to determine whether they are eligible to continue or resume the scholarship.


6. Contact details


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