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A Record Of Interviews With 2020 Foreign Students.

"From childhood to adulthood, I gradually fell in love with China as I learned about China." Russian girl Alina Ilina started learning Chinese when she was 12 years old. When she first learned about China from her father when she was a child, she had her first hope for this land; ten years later, she had a deep love for China. Came to Beijing not far away, stepped into the gate of Yanyuan, and will spend his undergraduate career here.


Recalling the road to school, Ai Laihua felt that her fate with China and Peking University had long been the foreshadowed-the word "Hua" in her name is not only the "Hua" of China but also the "Hua" of Peking University's Guanghua. In the next four years, she will use her enthusiasm and courage to write her own dream-chasing chapter. In the fall semester of 2020, more than 1,000 freshmen from more than 100 countries will start studying and living in Yanyuan online or offline just like Alachua. What follows will be more than 1,000 Yanyuan stories and more than 1,000 Chinese romances.


This group of dream chasers will start their dreams in Yanyuan, strengthen their original aspirations in China, and set sail in the future. They will explore themselves in Yanyuan, develop themselves, continue to forge ahead and surpass, and strive to realize their dreams. These dreams connect individuals, Yanyuan, and their motherland, China, and even the world.



Russian students love to come to China


1. Yanyuan | Dream start-lead force

The dream may not have a gorgeous prelude, crossing the mountains and seas into the Yanyuan, perhaps because of that little attention, patience, and thoughtfulness.

It is this simple perseverance that has allowed foreign students to gradually feel the colorful attraction of Yanyuan and bravely embark on a journey of study by the shore of the Weiming Lake and under the Boya Tower.

Pay attention to Peking University has always been the original intention of the Tajik girl Gulandom Mahmudova. In high school, Bailu studied Chinese at the Confucius Institute in Tajikistan.

The teachers of the Confucius Institute urged her to study in China and choose a university that can provide her with the best platform resources and fully tap her potential.

The teacher's words made her pay attention to many Chinese colleges and universities. The beautiful scenery, long history, outstanding alumni, and excellent educational resources of Yanyuan deeply touched her.

She said: "Through continuous understanding, I found that the education level of Peking University is very high. It can help me become the self of my dreams." After more than a year of preparatory education, Bailu is about to start his undergraduate study life at the College of International Relations that he has long desired.

Her heart’s direction, as she did in the past, came to China from Central Asia. She always remembered what the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon said: “Young people are the future of Tajikistan and the Tajik nation”. Embarking on a dream-catching journey in Yanyuan, her journey is slowly unfolding.



Bai Lu, a student from Tajikistan


Cored Alyx (Pozhidaeva Alexandra) from Russia's first impression of Yanyuan Confucius Institute from a teacher talking about. Alix entered the Confucius Institute at Novosibirsk State Technical University in Russia in her sophomore year. A graduate of Peking University was her Chinese teacher.

This teacher often talked about her university life, mentioning the Weiming Lake and Boyata of Peking University, the study, and work at school.

Since then, "Peking University" has been kept in Alix's heart and became her heart. Academic mecca. When Alyx studied undergraduate at Southeast University, he devoted himself to many news reporting activities inside and outside the university and accumulated rich practical experience in media.

Last year, she decided to study for a master's degree in the School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University, hoping to "take a higher level" in her profession. Alix said: "The deeper I understand Peking University, the more I can feel my resonance with the school's ideological and academic spirit.

I look forward to learning and communicating with the most cutting-edge scholars." Her heart made her get what she wished. Although it was not the first time to come to Yanyuan when facing the Weiming Lake and Boyata, she said frankly: "Of course the feelings are different this time-this is the first time I have Came here with the identity of a Beijing University."



Russian student Alyx


2. Perseverance  

"I want to find a challenging platform to spur me to study hard. Peking University is such a platform." From Chad, all the way to the east, Peking University's rich educational resources inspired Thomas Donglona Adawa and Yanyuan to set up a master's degree.

The "seven-year covenant" of learning. Before coming to China in 2013, Thomas studied philosophy at a seminary in Chad.

After learning that he ranked first in the country in the college entrance examination and received a Chinese government scholarship, Thomas faced a difficult choice-leave his hometown, go to a distant place to study, or stay as a priest.

After much deliberation, Thomas decided to take a look at this remote and unfamiliar land in China, and this look took seven years. From the helplessness of not understanding the price when shopping, to the self-confidence favored by the examiner during the interview, Thomas devoted a lot of time to "crazy" learning.

When he first read Chinese books, he could only read three pages a day. Many technical terms that he didn’t understand could only be checked one by one.

After checking and writing them down, he practiced repeatedly until he understood and memorized every word and every word. The meaning of the sentence. In the first year of undergraduate studies at China University of Political Science and Law, Thomas became a role model for all international students with outstanding grades; in the two years of studying for a master's degree at Peking University, he did not return home once to concentrate on studying.

For the upcoming doctoral studies, Toma is already gearing up, “The thing I most want to do on the first day of registration is to go to the library to borrow books. I decided to continue to focus on my studies and insist on going to the library to read and read books every day. Literature, improve your own learning ability."



Thomas Thomas


For dream chasers, Peking University's gravity is much more than that. At present, Peking University has always been committed to cultivating innovative and leading talents with Peking University heritage, Chinese feelings, and international perspectives for the world.

In the fall semester of 2020, Peking University successfully promoted the implementation of the first "Future Leaders" international undergraduate program, which was led by Guanghua School of Management and aimed to cultivate international leaders for the new era of globalization.

Enzo dos Santos from Brazil is one of the first students of this project.

"Last year, my teacher in Brazil informed me that I would have the opportunity to study at Peking University this year. I knew when I heard that I must not miss such a good opportunity." The sudden epidemic failed to stop him from pursuing his dreams. San Enze will be online soon. Open the Yanyuan life on.

"I knew for a long time that the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University is one of the best management schools in China. I feel very happy to be able to participate in such a project.

The most important reason why I am so eager to study in China is the continuous development of the Chinese economy. I am eager to learn and share the experience with my home country-Brazil."



San Anze

Autumn is here as promised, and the long quiet Yanyuan welcomes "new swallows" from different countries, different cultural backgrounds, and different academic ideals.

They will be full of longings and expectations for Peking University, and they will step into the beauty of day and night dreams. Yanyuan started a new chapter in his learning career amidst the profound cultural accumulation and friendly humanistic care.


3. China|The Source of Dream·Complex

If Yanyuan is the starting point of dreams, China is the source of dreams. Peking University is both heavy and youthful. The small garden bears and precipitates China's history, charm and feelings for more than 100 years, and also shows the vigor and vitality of contemporary Chinese youth and the youth of the world.

Mcveigh Rachel Elizabeth from the United Kingdom is a graduate student in the Chinese Department. She started taking Chinese courses in school from junior high school, which was a very individual decision in the UK at the time.

Because a language fell in love with a country and its culture, Wei Ruixiu progressed through serious study, began to taste Chinese literature, and explored and understood Chinese history and culture through literary works.

In her view, the source of Chinese vitality is hidden in thousands of years of cultural accumulation, and Chinese literary works are important carriers of these cultures.

They are like a legacy from the great ocean in the world. Most Westerners have never heard of any Chinese literature. Works, in fact, these works have extremely high literary value and unique cultural charm.

It is out of this love for Chinese culture that Wei Ruixiu joined many school club activities when he came to Peking University as an exchange student two years ago, absorbing spiritual nutrients from the strong cultural atmosphere of Peking University.

She is a die-hard member of the Elderly Care Department of the Aixin Society and often participates in the activities organized by the association to visit retired professors of Peking University; she is also a member of the Lincang Road Branch of the Peking University Aixin Society in 2018. She is busy every day from 8 in the morning to 10 in the evening.

These Peking University experiences not only constitute an extremely precious memory in Wei Ruixiu's life, but also the most profound footnote in her story with China.



Wei Ruixiu participated in the support education activities in Lincang, Yunnan Province in 2018



The old man sitting next to Wei Ruixiu in the photo is Grandpa Tang, a retired professor of Peking University. She likes to chat with Grandpa Tang when she participates in the activities of the nursing department.

Amangeldiyev Sapargeldi, a doctoral student from Turkmenistan, is a new doctoral student at the Faculty of Engineering this year. His hometown of Turkmenistan is next to the Caspian Sea, with blue seas, vast deserts, and countless oil and gas platforms, as well as many energy companies.

Affected by the growth environment, Sapur has always been concerned about energy and resource issues-the shortage of energy resources and the challenges in the development process affect Sapur's heart. By chance, in 2013, he participated in the Balkan (International) Mathematical Olympiad and met a Chinese high school gold medalist.

This high school student determined to apply for the "Peking University". It was at that time that Thapur first heard of Peking University. "I felt that Peking University must be an institution of higher learning that gathers outstanding talents, and I will come here to study if I have the opportunity."

Thakur came to China in 15 years and studied Chinese for one year. The helpful teachers and friends here, and the safe and harmonious social atmosphere touched Thapur, which made him have deep feelings for this country.

Today, five years later, with nostalgia for China, concern for energy issues, and yearning for Peking University, Thapar came to the Peking University Institute of Technology for further studies in petroleum engineering and is willing to do his best to promote the petroleum of his country, China, and the world.

Career development. During the summer vacation before enrollment, Sapur started his first scientific research project at Peking University.

He overcame the epidemic and kept in touch with his tutors and research team members. He participated in many internship study tours and initially had some Peking University researchers. The feeling of doing research.

Thapar's greatest wish is to engage in energy resources work in Sino-Turkish multinational companies, conduct systematic and scientific research on problems, and live up to his original intention of studying.



Super, a student from Turkmenistan


For other students, their fate with China is not long-established. A curiosity and yearning for a great eastern country, coupled with an expectation of self-challenge and transcendence, has become a booster for them to pursue their dreams. , While accepting the challenge of chasing dreams, it also means more gains.

In 2010, Alikanova Tatiana from Russia chose to study abroad when she was in her third year of university.

Faced with the numerous exchange programs at the school, she already mastered Russian, French, and English and decided to jump out of her comfort zone and chose China, which is completely unfamiliar.

"Because I don’t know China at all and I’m very curious, so I chose to accept this brand new challenge." In September of that year, Taqi left Russia and came to Beijing, where he studied Chinese, became familiar with Chinese culture, and came into contact with China for the next year. Social education. A year is full and short.

In the seven years since he returned to Russia, Taqi has the triple identities of a foreign language teacher, civil servant, and graduate student, but he has never forgotten that he has a "Beijing University dream" in China.

In 2017, she came to China again and became an English teacher at Yulin High-tech Middle School in Shaanxi.

The days in Yulin gave her a strong sense of belonging Yulin and a deep affection for her students. She has also been concerned about the development of Yulin as a high-tech development area in regional education innovation, to better delve into the issue of education innovation.

After nine months of careful preparation for the exam, she became a new doctoral student in the direction of "Educational Economics and Management" at the School of Education of Peking University. Recalling his own experience, Taqi said: "The mentality of'Brave to accept new challenges' paved the way for me to study in China."



Russian student Taqi


The old and new China is waiting for students to know and explore. This year, the enrollment education theme prepared by Yanyuan for the freshmen of international students is based on the image of "high in the sky and flowing clouds".

which means that the waters of the four seas rise into clouds, and the clouds turn into rain to moisturize everything on the five continents, just like students studying in China and studying abroad.

Peking University will eventually go all over the world and shine on the stage of the future world.


4. Future|Dream Walk·Realization of Dreams

At this point, the other shore of the dream is still ahead. And these enthusiastic children have spread their dream wings and are ready to soar. With a strong Yanyuan sentiment and a deep Chinese knot, what kind of waves will this experience make in their hearts, and what life stories will they continue to write?

Joshua Fung Szekiun (Hong Shijun) from Malaysia will become a freshman in the law and sociology major of Yenching Academy this year. In the past five years, he has studied in the United Kingdom and the United States, respectively, and obtained a bachelor's degree in law from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom and a master's degree in legal theory and philosophy from New York University in the United States.

He has an outstanding educational background. He said that he chose Peking University because Peking University is the origin of the New Culture Movement and a university that is of great significance to the development of the country.

This status is rare in any country in the world, and he yearns for it. The international learning partners and flexible training models of Yenching Academy are also important reasons for his choice of Peking University.

To better adapt to his professional studies at Yenching Academy, Hong Shijun has been reading a lot of books about Chinese history, especially the history of the founding, reform, and development of Peking University.

He said: "I hope to deepen my understanding of Chinese history and cultural heritage through studying at Peking University. Specifically, I want to study how Chinese society develops and functions?

For example, how laws are formulated? How is a society governed? How are people governing the country? Respond and give feedback? How can China cooperate with other countries in the world to achieve mutual benefit and win-win?

At the same time, as a Malaysian student, I also want to actively explore how Malaysia can find more effective ways to cooperate with China to achieve the common goals of each country. "



Malaysian student Hong Shijun


Alyx's yearning for Yanyuan originated from the long academic history between his homeland and China. She specifically mentioned that Peking University has a long-term friendship with the Soviet-Russian academic community.

In the 1950s, Peking University hired 36 Soviet experts to teach and set up courses; in 2001, the Center for Contemporary Russian Studies of Peking University was established; at the end of June this year, Peking University and Moscow State University were connected via remote video to witness the Sino-Russian Mathematics Center. Established.

As a young student in the new era, Alyx chose to study at Peking University, a garden that witnessed the history of friendship between China and Russia, hoping to be a bridge for the friendly relationship between the two countries.

This winter vacation, Alyx, as an intern on the "Russia Today" TV station, planned a series of news reports on China's new crown pneumonia epidemic and spoke to the world on the front line of China's anti-epidemic, with the civilian heroes in life-takeaway brothers and express delivery.

The members are the entry point to show the world that Chinese society is still operating in an orderly manner under the pressure of the epidemic, and the Chinese people have worked hard to overcome the epidemic with resilience and perseverance. Alix hopes to use the camera and microphone, step by step, to do his best, use all his wisdom, and use what he has learned to record this great era.

From the perspective of a foreigner, "tell Chinese stories and spread China." sound". She said: "I want to show the world and the Russian people a beautiful and confident China, and I also want to show the Chinese people a colorful and enthusiastic Russia."

Gregor Obrez, from a small town in eastern Slovenia, studied undergraduate and master's degrees in Sinology at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. This year, he will enter the School of International Relations to study for a doctorate in international politics. In 2011, when he started his undergraduate studies, he met a Chinese teacher from Henan, China.

She gave Ou Gaorong a suggestion at the time: "Learn Chinese well, study Chinese history and culture in depth, and become a Chinese expert. Maybe in the future you Can be admitted to Peking University". This sentence left a deep impression on Ou Gaorong's heart. Like accepting an unusual challenge, he quietly made up his mind: "In the future, I must become a Peking University."

To study at Peking University, Ou Gaorong has never stopped studying hard. During the nine years of his connection with China, he has continuously deepened his understanding of all aspects of China and actively expanded his knowledge accumulation in the field of international politics.

He said that he came to Peking University not to gain recognition from the outside world, but because he had a firm idea of engaging in academic research on international politics in his heart. He also mentioned his diversified career path in the future after graduation, he can engage in academic research and diplomatic work at the same time.

He hopes that he can actively participate in political activities in Slovenia and the European Union, and make his own efforts for the friendly relations between China and the European Union. "I hope to realize my plan-to complete myself, become a more knowledgeable person, live outside of my comfort zone, and dare to accept greater challenges."



Slovenian student O Gaorong


Under the epidemic situation, Yanyuan has opened her arms as always, using her profound cultural heritage and tolerant academic accumulation to provide every foreign student from different countries with the "nutrient" for growth.

Beyond time and space, Peking University will continue to work hard to help every freshman to build a dream garden and realize his academic dreams and social ambitions with its accumulated education and humanistic care.

In the green garden, the morning dew is waiting for the sun. This school season, wave after wave of wind between the leaves in Yanyuan, whether in the garden or the dream, caressed the hearts of more than 1,000 new students from more than 100 countries.

The source of dreams, the beginning of dreams, and the journey of dreams represent the past, present, and future. Dream connects and transcends the time and space of the three.

Every student enters Yanyuan with courage, strength, and dreams: they are eager to talk to the past and the present, learn knowledge, and also hope to integrate China and foreign countries and go to the world.

This group of pure hearts from all over the world will use their dreams as horses, pursue China, and become attached to Peking University; they will also live up to their youth, show the coordinates of the new life between nations, and at the same time write their own different lives.

Their story has just begun, and the pace of chasing dreams will never stop...

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